This doesn’t seem fair

Miss me yet?

 The expansion plans of that marina on River Road in Cos Cob were derailed when the newest member of the board, attorney Nancy Ramer, abstained from voting. If I read the story correctly, Ramer was filling in for another member who was absent that night, a member who had previously voted in favor of the plan. Ramer’s abstention meant that the plan received only three favorable votes – it needed for, so it was defeated.

I have no problem with a P&Z commissioner voting against a proposal if in her judgement the plan is flawed or otherwise objectionable, but abstaining? Ramer provided the deciding vote by not deciding at all. That seems cowardly to me. If she didn’t have enough information to cast an intelligent vote (although she previously served as an alternate, so I don’t see why she would lack such information) then the matter should have been tabled until the full board was present. Instead, we have a denial through abstention. If this is going to be typical of Ramer, then boy, will we miss Fudrucker, who was replaced by Tesi with this lightweight.


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  1. Anonymous

    How can you possibly abstain on a vote such as this when the people involved on both sides invest so much time and money. If you want to abstain, join the Illinois State Senate. Otherwise, get the hell out of the way.

  2. So FAR so good

    Litigation in NY State over a similar club in Mamaroneck found that, since the club being a “beach and yacht” club is by its nature a water-dependent use, then all accessory amenities, including parking and tennis for example, are by definition water-dependent accessory uses as well.

    This implies that if and when this case goes to court, the excessive hand-wringing by P&Z over the “water-dependent” conformity to strict definition will be over-turned.

    Perhaps by a judge who likes a game of tennis or squash between swimming and boating.

  3. Georgie in Greenwich

    Agreed CF….I don’t agree with FF politics, but he was better than this travesty of a new member. This club has done so much to revive the area. Imagine what this guy has paid in time, legal fees etc…..and then we wonder why businesses don’t get started in CT?

  4. Cos Cob & Proud

    “It enhances a wonderful facility that is widely used by many people in town, including the school system,” Brooks said.

    The plan calls for the demolition of the maintenance building and it replacement with a new one, while expanding the clubhouse with a 6,625-square-foot addition.

    It’s a PRIVATE club Dude. Used by Members only! And I believe it is Brunswick school children that he is referring to.
    Well excuse me but I can’t afford the thousands of dollars it takes to join the Greenwich Water Club therefore I will not ever have enjoyment of the clubhouse, so really I don’t care that it cannot be expanded. How much of the waterfront should be Members Only anyway

  5. Anonymous

    Cos Cob & Proud – the students he is referring to are public school kids. Brunswick has its own crew facility up the road. It is private, but costs a 1/10 of what the other private clubs in the area cost. A bargain for families with young kids.

    This guy has done a fantastic job renovating this area. BTW, there is still public access all along the water for anyone that wants to stroll on the dock.

    • My point, dear dueling readers, was not so much about the merits of the project so much as the lack of due process accorded Mr. Whatshisname. Nancy Ramer blew it, big time, and the rest of the P&Z should have prevented that. In my opinion.

  6. Sunny

    Dear Cos Cob & Proud
    Brunswick School owns its own rowing facility further down the road. The kids who use the Greenwich Water Club rowing facilities are primarily Greenwich PUBLIC school students from GHS and the public middle schools. No membership in The Water Club is required for these kids to participate, and Greenwich Crew offers financial assistance for those who need it to pay for the rowing program.
    From a proud parent of a public school rower.

  7. Sunny

    Dear Chris,
    I agree with you 100% that the lack of due process given this project is shameful. Hopefully it can be put back on the P&Z agenda when all members can be there to vote it up or down on its merits.
    I felt compelled to respond to Cos Cob & Proud to correct this poster’s assumption that this facility cannot be used by non-members through its various rowing programs. The rowing program has been a tremendous asset to students from the Greenwich Public Schools, and the owner of The Water Club has been an inclusive and enthusiastic proponent of rowing programs for all kids in town. Adult non-members are also welcome to enroll in rowing programs geared to them.
    Thank you, Anonymous, for pointing out that public access is available to the shoreline and water as well as to Club members, and that this club is far less expensive than other private clubs in town. I would like to add that there are no ‘social connections’ type membership requirements or interviews to join. Its strictly a wait list and people may join when space allows.
    The public does benefit from attractive and environmentally sensitive use of its shoreline. And of course, the citizens of Greenwich also benefit from the taxes paid by these businesses.

  8. Cos Cob & Proud

    Really Sunny, how many Greenwich school children are rowers? Maybe 1%? Tell me he recruits from the Boys & Girls Club and I might be impressed. As to you and Anonymous informing me that membership is less than at other clubs with no social connections needed: #1) thank you for the info, but I said I was from Cos Cob, not Podunk, so I knew all of that #2). You and he touting it as cheaper than other clubs is like telling me Fjord sells lobster cheaper than Bon Ton. So wha and who carest? Us regular average middle class folks (that’s just one reason I just adore Cos Cob) are busy trying to find less expensive gasoline.

  9. gmom

    We used to belong to the Water Club. Many, many members are average middle class working folks there. Its a great mix of people and I’m not quite sure why CC&Proud feels the need to put it down unless he/she is jealous.

  10. Cobra

    Cos Cob & Proud = Dollar Bill = projectile vomit?

  11. Anonymous

    CC & Proud – the point is not how many kids are rowers…the point is that anyone who WANTS to row CAN row. Your point on cost is lost as well…do you expect him to offer membership up for free and lose money?

    get real.

  12. Sunny

    Over 200 kids currently row at The Water Club. How many kids participate in any one of the team sports that are available through our schools and community athletic leagues? It varies by sport, of course, but Greenwich is very fortunate to offer so many opportunities for kids of all ages to learn and enjoy team sports, and to have so many adult volunteers who are the heart and soul of all of these organizations. My kids have participated in a number of different town sports through the years and I am grateful that our community and its volunteers make this possible for so many kids. You know, CC&P, I like your idea regarding making rowing available to The Boys and Girls Club! I’m going to look it and see if I can generate some interest and funds for such a program. My oldest child, now grown and in the work force, rowed in high school and college and now is a volunteer rowing coach in New York and Washington D.C. for community rowing programs that offer learn to row programs to low income inner city kids. Its great to expand opportunities in any sport to include all kids.

  13. Cos Cob & Proud

    Only in Greenwich could moral outrage be generated by the benefits of a cheaper-than- them-0ther-clubs-fees where purportedly “average middle class folks” can mix with the better-than-thou (thanks gmom for the defensive quote) and spend THOUSANDS (but not MULTI thousands) of dollars of discretionary income for membership to a water club, where as Anonymous proclaims “all rowers are welcome”. Anonymous~ News Flash!! If you ask a public school student “do you want to join crew?”, the vast majority would assume you were talking about back stage theatre. And if by chance you think I am incorrect, (and I am quite sure you do), venture out of your zip code occasionaly and join the the rest of the universe who is not obsessed with future college applications and the elite sports that look good on them. We are blessed to have a town pool in Byram (y’all do know that Byram is, technically anyway– though one might never learn that by simply readings CF’s posts– a legitimate part of Greenwich, CT) and that’s good enough for lil ol’ me. The cost of a beach card is about as expensive a “water
    club” as I am inclined to join, thank you very much.

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Cos Cob and Proud- Please, get a life!!! you are obviously a very jealous person!!!

  15. Cos Cobber

    Yes, you know zoning has achieved its goals when jealousy becomes the deciding factor on land use.

    This absention was a complete shame. Ramer could easily have done some homework and came in prepared with a vote; yeah or nay.

  16. Stehanie Brant

    Nancy Ramer does not a good reputation among Fairfield County divorce lawyers. I was told by 2 different attorneys that their fees would be higher if Ms. Ramer was the opposing attorney because she is known for dragging things out, and not knowing the law very well.