A short sale from hell, but it closed today

142 Cat Rock

This house sold new in 2005 for $4.050 million. The new owner put a ton of money into it and in 2007 put it back up for sale at $5.450. He fell upon hard times and today, thanks to Fudrucker’s incredible perseverance and negotiating skills and my clients’ patience (I myself try to find these deals and then get the hell out of the way), we closed at $2.4 million. That’s a good deal.

Next up? I’m planning on spending a portion of the holiday weekend drafting a grievance against Burt Hoffman, Esq., a Stamford lawyer who claimed to be negotiating on behalf of the sellers? The bank? Himself, really, and who extracted a fee that, so far as I can read and understand applicable law, is entirely illegal. I guess we’ll see, but it will keep Burt busy over the summer, and that’s satisfaction enough. Well, almost enough.


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5 responses to “A short sale from hell, but it closed today

  1. Dan

    Way to go Chris! Sounds like a great deal for your client. Not that a kind of discount like that is easily findable, but have you seen situations like this on the lower end yet? Congrats!

  2. Anonymous

    I really wanted to see that house, but it was under offer when I expressed interest (first week of January). Glad it worked out for you though.

  3. cowboy up

    Is this the house you almost shit the bed about and raked your pal Russ Pruner over the coals for ? And what about the hearsay of a totally illegal ( but really cool and beautifully built out ) attic. Think the new owners will have to demo the space ?

    • There will indeed have to be some modifications to the house to bring it into compliance with the building code, but nothing too extensive. As for Russ, I’ll just say that he wasn’t much help in this sale.

  4. Anonymous

    I have known Russ Pruner for over 30 years and it is hard for me to believe that he didn’t do everthing he could to make this deal happen. We have bought and sold four properties with him and in every transaction he was nothing less then the most honest and ethical Realtor we have ever dealt with. Are you sure that after all I have heard about this deal on your blog that he was someone who caused this deal to be so difficult. I so, you don’t know Russ Pruner. There must have been something else that caused this closing to be so difficult. I know his ethics but I don’t know yours. You might think twice before you try and rake him over the coals about what might have really happened. Tell the truth is it really all his fault!