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How do you know when Dan Malloy is lying?

It was THIS big!

Well yes, certainly when his lips are moving, but also when he releases news of his $400 million “budget filler” at 7:14 pm on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Do you get the impression he doesn’t want to see his latest shenanigans exposed to sunlight? So do I. And remember, the $2 billion in concessions from labor unions, now whittled down to $1.6 billion, has yet to be voted on by the state employees. Ain’t gonna happen, but the tax increases on the rest of us are a fait accompli.

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If it were my money her daddy had stolen, I’d be pissed. Marissa Noel continues to kick up her heels in NYC high society

NYSocialdiary.com photo. Noel, left

Anorexic slut.

(H/T, reader SW)


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What? The NAR is lying to us again?

The National Association of Realtors, perhaps the most duplicitous organization in Washington after Fannie Mae, has unleashed its chief flack, Lawrence Nun, to explain the latest bad housing sales figures. It is, according to Nun, all due to mean, stingy banks holding on to “excessive cash reserves” instead of lending out money to needy homebuyers.

This guy says, no surprise, we’re being fed a load of crap. Banks don’t loan from reserves, he says, they create reserves to cover loans they make. Nun has put the cart before the horse. Why would he do that? Because to admit the truth would be to admit that banks are still in sorry shape, there is a shortage of credit worthy borrowers and a lack of demand for loans. And all that, of course, would undercut the NAR’s repeated BS line that “now is the perfect time to buy”.


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Burning witches

What happens when a semi-modern society abandons science and rational thought: Italy charges seismologists with manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake.


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Coincidence? I think not

DSK leaves his love nest for doctor appointment

Thug breaks into Times Square hotel, terrifies maid.


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