How do you know when Dan Malloy is lying?

It was THIS big!

Well yes, certainly when his lips are moving, but also when he releases news of his $400 million “budget filler” at 7:14 pm on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Do you get the impression he doesn’t want to see his latest shenanigans exposed to sunlight? So do I. And remember, the $2 billion in concessions from labor unions, now whittled down to $1.6 billion, has yet to be voted on by the state employees. Ain’t gonna happen, but the tax increases on the rest of us are a fait accompli.

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One response to “How do you know when Dan Malloy is lying?

  1. Georgie in Greenwich

    It is funny how fast the tax plan was structured and implemented without a nary of reduction in spending, headcount, wage concession, agency or commissions eliminated….nada. CT is running like a well-oiled, efficient machine according to the pols.

    Where is your report on your Town party?….I was looking forward to hearing about all the great bands and all.