If it were my money her daddy had stolen, I’d be pissed. Marissa Noel continues to kick up her heels in NYC high society

NYSocialdiary.com photo. Noel, left

Anorexic slut.

(H/T, reader SW)


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35 responses to “If it were my money her daddy had stolen, I’d be pissed. Marissa Noel continues to kick up her heels in NYC high society

  1. What goes through their head?

    Obviously nothing goes through the family heads Then or Now! What a bunch of jack ASSES.

  2. Old as Dirt

    Fortune Cookie: May You Never Get on Chris Fountain’s Shit List.

  3. Greenwich Gal


  4. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what? We really blew it. Think of the great names we have. I could have named one of the Fillys Chanukah. Hanukka? Or Happy. Or Merry. I really wanted to name one of them Seabiscut, but Monica really tossed a hissy fit.
    And you? How did you not name one of your kids Soda? It would have been PERFECT.
    But the biggest losers of all? The Bush Family. How did they not name one of the offspring Hairy? Or Neva Seanna Bush. How about Ishavemy Bush? If I had that last name, I would have had 40 kids and still not run out of cool names.
    And anorexic? Me thinks not. She is one fine fit filly. You grilling weeners yet? Should I bring anything?
    Your Pal,

  5. A Bird of a Different Feather

    While Ms. Noel is fluffing her birdbrain feathers, take a look at this INCREDIBLE video of Pale Male on 5th Avenue.

    PS: I know from experience that putting two links in a WordPress comment throws it into spam folder, so I’ll type this out. Check out pale male dot com for other amazing footage.

  6. IDAHO

    She’s a good represntation of why the other 95% of the population have a real problem with our 2 class society… “Come the Revolution!”…Just saying!!

  7. Old Coot

    Walt: I believe that George Costanza has the sole rights to name a child “Soda”.

  8. Walt, you are hilarious.

  9. Meanwhile Frederic Bourke
  10. kidding really??

    Unsure why you need to continuously bang on the Noel’s. It’s getting boring.

  11. Inagua

    Thanks for the update on Matt Brown. Brown’s website touts his “20 years of experience” in representing “leading investment managers,” but he fails to mention that his most famous manager was Madoff. That this fool is representing himself as a “registered investment advisor” after what he did at FGG amazes me. Are there really people with money who will turn it over to this guy to invest? Or is this just a front to make him look busy as he and his wife live the high life on their share of the stolen Madoff loot?

  12. TraderVic

    Hey kidding really??? Maybe Chris will let up when the Noels are brought to justice rather than gadding about town. In addition, he couldn’t resist posting this picture, duh.

  13. No way Kidding Really

    The Noel’s represent a side of Greenwich that makes us think :

    “there must be a place better than Greenwich since the Noel’s live here
    and they are scum”.

  14. sw

    Someone PLEASE tell these investors what this creep’s background is.. he didn’t do a day of due diligence for his father-in-law’s company. This guy is nothing more than a climber who met and married the daughter of a very wealthy, and crooked, hedge fund owner, for his own gain. How can these people reincarnate themselves and no one is asking questions?! Say it isn’t so.. CF should never lay off these people..
    CAISfunds Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Matthew C. Brown will participate at INSITETM 2011, Pershing’s annual financial solutions conference. Mr. Brown will join the panel discussion, “Investing in Hedge Funds for High Net Worth Investors,” with other veteran financial industry executives.

    “At CAISfunds, our mission is to provide the wealth management industry with the access, independent oversight and operational integration they need through a comprehensive, institutional-quality alternative investments solution,” said Mr. Brown. “I’m looking forward to participating at INSITETM 2011 and contributing to this discussion, which addresses the need for a solution that meets the growing demand for these investments among high net worth investors and the advisors who serve them.”

  15. kidding really?? REALLY

    You’re joking, right?

    It actually amazes me that people who spend that much on clothes and appearances can look so God-awful and out of place.

  16. Monica's brother Alex Haegler and sis-in-law Sandra

    Looks like some of the Madoff money ended up in Brazil.

    Party Rio J style:


    How come Monica doesn’t move south?

  17. kanisa

    In response to one comment above, I personally love reading about the Noels. Since they will probably never go to jail as they deserve, and do not even appear to have forfeited their ill gotten gains, public opprobium is richly deserved and appropriate. The only thing we can do is mock them, they are still living high on the hog on stolen money and they represent the very worst side of Wall Street gone wild.

  18. Greenwich Gal

    Kanisa – well said!

  19. Inagua

    Chris performs a public service when he tells the truth about the lies and theft of the Noel family. The Noels are going to start losing lawsuits in the next few years, and then perhaps more people will understand the extent of their fraud and deceit.

  20. @Inagua: You, more than most commenters here, have been very vocal over the years about the Noels fraud and deceit. Not that it’s any of my business, but were you personally affected by their lies and theft? Your interest/frustration seems above curiosity.

    @Kanisa. I’ll second GG’s comment and add, great word, “opprobrium”.

    PS: Happy Memorial Day. As a mom of a solider in Afghanistan, I ask that you all stop a moment and give these guys a tip of your iced tea glass in appreciation.

  21. Inagua

    EOS – I had never heard of the Noels until Madoff surfaced. I have a great interest in the mistakes of prominent people. I follow the events surrounding people like Stew Leonard, Martha Stewart, OJ, DSK, Arnold, John Edwards, Congressman Wiener, etc. the way normal people follow sports.

  22. Inagua: I’ll remember (a) never to be prominent and (b) never make a mistake. Good thing I’m perfect, and anonymous! I do live near Martha, however, so if you want to hire me as your snooping photographer, I do travel with my camera at all times. Payment, you ask? A little grass shack in Montecito will do.

  23. Inagua

    EOS – Thanks for the offer, but even I don’t want a candid photograph of this pathetic poseur. It was amazing to see someone lie under oath and risk prison rather than admit a small error which would have resulted in a fine only. The other interesting fact about Martha is that she has no friends. For years her principal non-business human contact was divorced Wesport real estate agent Marianne Pasternack. They talked on the phone dozens of times a day and they spent virtually every holiday together. Martha hates being home alone for the holidays, so she used to organize trips for Marianne and her to exotic locations. Marianne was in effect Martha’s paid companion, but the relationship fizzled after 20 years when Marianne became the star prosecution witness against Martha. Martha could not understand why Marianne wouldn’t lie under oath for her.

    I hope you had a great Memorial Day and that your son returns safely from Afghanistan.

  24. Walt

    Dude –
    So if you wouldn’t call it a mistake, what exactly would you call it? A blimpkin?
    Your Pal,

  25. Inagua: I have to completely DISagree with you here about Martha. She’s very private about her friends but I see her out and about in town and at church with people who are not in her employ. Plus, whatever you think about her “posing”, she will forever have the endless gratitude of many a Bedford resident for saving the 1oo+ acres on Girdle Ridge Road. I knew the family well who owned the property before her and to say that they were relieved that it was bought lock stock and barrel to be preserved and not developed is a major understatement. Martha gives alot to town projects anonymously, goes to events here with neighbors, and seems to be an all-around decent sort. Not everyone needs or wants alot of friends. Strikes me as odd that you’d waste your time on Martha.
    I will give you that she totally mishandled her case and got lousy legal advise to boot. But that’s about all I’ll give you on this subject.

  26. Inagua

    Chris – Martha is like many dishonest people. She projects her dishonesty onto others. As a result, she generally thinks she is being cheated, and frequently challenges bills. Hence, the lawsuit to which you are referring.

    EOS – You have quite a soft spot for ethically challenged women. First the rape enabling Ann Sinclair and now the felon Martha Stewart. Please tell me your drew the line at Leona Helmsley.

    • Actually, Inagua, I was referring to a law suit that was never filed. She stiffed a film maker friend of mine after he’s made an entire series of videos for her which she later sold to Time Warner, then absolutely refused to provide an accounting of profits. I rattled her cage but my friend decided he was too old for all the crap that comes with a law suit and instructed me not to pursue it. I figure it was several hundred thousand dollars.

  27. ilsa

    I know of a kid who joined the millitary, in essence to rebel against his parents holy grail of materialism.


  28. @ilsa: I’m guessing that stab is directly aimed at me. For what, I don’t know but if you want to knock me down, do so, but don’t ever, and I mean effing ever, do it at the expense of my son. You get that? If you don’t, I’ll come and touche your face. Capeesh?

    • Wierd, EOS – I really didn’t catch ilsa’s comment until just now but I agree – it makes no sense unless it was directed at you (well, it makes no sense anyway, but you know). Ilsa, you’re on the edge of banishment here.