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Hmm – if Obummer’s autopen can sign a bill into law, could he have had Sasha use one of her crayons?


If you go along with the only legal opinion on the matter, then yes she can!

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If you’ll be in Washington this Memorial Day

Be certain not to miss the official Boy Scout Monumentl. My favorite statue in D.C., with the possible exception of Horses’ Asses bridge leading to the Capitol.

Out from the woods and the closet

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Fishing report

 Lots of small (3 – 4 lbs?) blues rising to surface poppers which, on light tackle, is a lot of fun. Out this morning and kept three for converting to smoked bluefish dip. As delicious as that marlin dip from Fjord, but the only expense is some cream cheese – a bargain, what ho?

On the way in from the Long Island side of the Sound, just for something to do we tossed a large spoon over and trolled. A 25 lb striper hit and after boating it  we tried releasing it – the big ones are spawners and it’s a shame to kill them – but it floated belly up, never a good sign, so we retrieved it and it’s now steaks. Sorry, fish.

The Sound, by the way, is festooned with disgusting plumes of brown crud. I tried pretending that it was some kind of algae bloom but noticed maple seedlings and trash in the crud and concluded that storm drains, at the least, are still discharging into the water. And sewage plants too? I hope not – it will add some unwanted zest to those fish steaks and dip.


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