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Those crazy French!

Auto - eroticism

Another French politician forced to resign after revelation of his foot fetish and sexual harassment.


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More bread and circuses

John Larson

Senator Schumer wants to investigate oil refiners’ profits, O’Bummer has directed the Justice Department to go after oil companies and some jackass in Hartford is hopping up and down over “oil speculators”.

The point of all this shrieking and finger pointing is to direct attention away from the environmental regulations that have prevented any new refineries being built for the past four decades, the Ethanol mandate, the blocking of pipelines, offshore drilling, etc. etc. Schumer at als know the true causes behind the rise in prices but they’re counting on 15 second sound bites and bold headlines to keep Americans distracted. Pure demagoguery and I’m sure it will work.

But it won’t drop gasoline prices.


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