637 DOM and they’re only now getting serious?

17 Sherwood

This 1787 house sits on about 2 acres in the 4 – acre zone and is thus severely affected by the late (of Riverside) Franklin Bloomer’s FAR rules. I like the house and its yard, but it is definitely funky. It sold for $3.150 in the spring of 2007 during what would prove to be the last gasp of our roaring housing market.

The buyers put it back up for sale in 2009 at $3.5 million and have slowly whittled at its price while buyers ignored it. Today it was finally dropped below its 2007 purchase price, to $2.795. That’s where they probably should have started two years ago.


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3 responses to “637 DOM and they’re only now getting serious?

  1. Anon

    Chris … what do you think it should sell for?

    • I’ve got this down as the white elephant most likely to be torn down, Anon. There are other candidates (one in Belle Haven, cheek-by-jowl with I-95 comes to mind) but this one’s tops on my list. If it does sell, I suppose some fool might see it as a bargain at $12 million, but does that fool exist?

  2. Anon

    Chris … did you mean $12 million or $2 million? If the latter, do you think it is a tear down at any price?