Al Gore, call your office – please!

 W.H.O. : cellphones cause cancer. According to the WHO, everything causes cancer, so I’m not too worried about this latest scare report (have you ever wondered why, if everything we eat, breath and wear is so dangerous, average life expectancy keeps increasing?) Still, if it keeps just one mommy in her SUV off her goddamned phone, I’m all for it. My guess is that this won’t decrease phone usage but do watch for an increase in those toxic flush specials at the ladies’ local gyms.

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  1. LLS2

    eh ?

    of course the radiation emitted causes cancer. even though it isn’t ionizing radiation.

    the thing is one shouldn’t put the phone directly next to ones head. another thing , those blue tooth headpieces cause cancer too.

    i am all for this, b/c people will txt more, hopefully not while driving.