Here’s a bit of a surprise

10 Indian Chase

Asking $3.999 million, gone to contract in just ten days. I was disappointed in this house because of its condition and interior trim (if it had anything special in that department in 1930, it’s gone now). Obviously, someone disagreed. Broker is related to the seller and the buyer was a customer of the broker so that may explain the quick sale, if the buyer was aware that this property was coming on the market.


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9 responses to “Here’s a bit of a surprise

  1. Old as Dirt

    I’m sure you’ve seen the headline in today’s WSJ.
    Home Prices Still Falling
    “U.S. home prices fell 4.2% in the first quarter, hitting a new recession low after falling 3.6% in the fourth quarter, according to the S&P Case-Shiller home-price indexes”

  2. shelton1904

    I grew up on this street, and I’m not at all surprised at the price.

  3. TraderVic

    Nice curb appeal and location.

  4. LLS2

    indian chase = sweeet spot

  5. Balzac

    Hi Chris,
    You’re the best. Thank you for alerting us when the emperor goes out without his clothes, which is often.
    Why must we put up with the proliferation of stupid lawn signs? Rather than admiring the pretty gardens and houses here in our beautiful Riverside/Old Greenwich, must we be confronted with “Kitchen Sale”, “Sell your gold”, “I lost my dog”, “Manuel’s Painting” and mini-billboards for everybody’s dopey microtransactions? How do we get rid of this new trend in graffitti?

  6. Anonymous

    So it’s safe to assume with all the praise here for Indian Chase that it doesn’t get I-95 noise?

    • Surprisingly little, Anon, to my ear. But traffic noise is one of the most subjective issues out there, so each buyer really has to decide for himself what’s acceptable. I’ve had some Manhattanites shrug off Merritt Parkway noise that I wouldn’t consider tolerating and others who flinch at the “quiet babble” of a running brook, or however that agent described it. All that said, Indian Chase isn’t bad.

  7. anon

    Can you explain why Indian Chase is a sweet spot? My broker told me some people don’t like living near a public park?? I think it’s pretty, and it’s central, but it doesn’t seem many families want to live in Mead Point area… I don’t really “get” this neighborhood. Maybe my broker isn’t a fan of the area- she definitely does not consider it an “A” location. I’m confused.