I should hope so

275 Round Hill rd

1,041 days ago, this Round Hill Road property started out at $8.4 million. Today, under a new broker, it’s been marked down to a mere $5.995 and its open house listing notes ” Ready to Sell!” Some might ask, if he only today is ready to sell, what the mind set of the seller was from March of 2008 until today and why he had his house on the market but I won’t – in fact, I’m going up to see it this morning because it’s been so long since I was there, I really don’t remember it.

UPDATE: Saw it again just now and it’s a very nice house with a beautiful pool and yard. Much better looking on a sunny spring day and priced millions less. Not bad at all.


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2 responses to “I should hope so

  1. Looks like a gorgeous house to my eyes. I hope you’ll post an update after you take a look-see and tell us what you might guess are the objections, other than price, to why this hasn’t sold.

    09/10/2002 Sold $4,541,500
    01/30/2002 Sold $6,000,000
    07/21/1999 Sold $4,700,000
    Assessment/2010 = $3,090,570

  2. atticus

    How ’bout pricing at 331 Round Hill?

    Owners built new house next to Audubon.