We’ll wait on this one

11 Langhorne Lane

This failed Antares project on Langhorne either has 16,000 sq. feet above ground and an 8,000 sq. foot basement, if you believe the tax card, or 26,000 sq. ft. if you go by its listing. Your pick. The current owner picked it up, unfinished, for $13 million and change back in ’08 and while some of us thought he grossly overpaid for the place, he went ahead and finished it and now has it listed for sale for $25 million, down from $28.

There was an open house up there today but I was reluctant to drive so far to see so little. or so much, depending on what a particular buyer is looking for. None of my current clients seems to want to live so far away from everything or is interested in this much house, even if a third of it is buried. And alas, they aren’t in this price range.
But who is? We have seen a couple of sales in this range so I wouldn’t claim that there’s no market for this house. But I wouldn’t expect this to leap off the market any time soon, so I’ll postpone my visit until its next open house.
UPDATE: Just for a hoot, check out this old (2008) promo from “The Antares Mansions Group” and beautiful “Lake” Carrington. Pretentious, utter bullshit, very much like the Antares Boyz themselves. Q’ell surprise.


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16 responses to “We’ll wait on this one

  1. Stanwich

    Homes in this price range need to be truly extraordinary. Reynwood and Le Petite Trianon come to mind, this place does not. If I had the money, I am not sure I would take the gamble on a bubble-era, bankrupt developer to have built a home for the ages. This house is poorly situated and is very close to the road. It has no street presence. The only thing this house has going for it is the size, which isn’t that appealing to most people anyway.

  2. Cos Cobber

    100% ditto Stanwich.

  3. For $28mm, you could have bought the 44,000 acre Parachute Ranch in Colorado. Heck a mere $10mm will get you 6700 acres in Montana, best trout fishing west of the Mississippi.

  4. Anonymous

    Aren’t the two Antares guys currently living in the other two monstrosities in that development? Believe they are.

  5. Inagua

    Chris – Thanks for the link. What is a “Couture-Ready” mansion?

  6. Hugh Bris

    Who wrote this crap? It’s like real estate porn.

    1. Greenwich is the only location we considered for Antares limited collection of ultra-luxurious mansions.
    2. Your home reflects your greatest passions, shelters what is most precious to you…
    3….And offers a tableau upon which to live the life of your dreams
    4. An unequivocally magnificent estate, Lake Carrington is a sight to behold. Promising a life rich with stories and memories, this is the home most people spend their lives dreaming of.

    Read the floor plan list of rooms:
    Art Collectors Gallery
    Ladies Room
    Men’s Room
    Coat Room AND Coat Closets?
    Powder room (how that’s different from the men’s and ladies room?)

    Chris, is that you and Pal Nancy dancing on the grass?

  7. Greenwich Gal

    “Hugh Bris”….now that is funny!

  8. Former Antares

    I worked for these guys after this little “project” was well under way. Talk about lipstick on a pig. No market research on what would sell here, what size to build, virtually no business planning at all. Just one big idol to ego that they can stare at from their back decks.

  9. LLS2


    what the efff is lake carington?

    what are people going to think in 10 years when they look at this sh*t show ? can’t they remove it from the interwebs to prevent people from making fun of them ?

    no lakes in greenwich or connecticut for that matter. try upstate NY/VT/NH or ME.

    for 25 + million, i want to be able to walk to downtown and the train station.

  10. Betty

    Holey moley, that brochure you linked to was hilarious. Did anyone else notice some peculiarities about the photos? For one thing, the same photos were repeated over and over and over (although sometimes cropped differently). For another, only two of them–the pool shot and the facade shot–could possibly be interpreted as an actual shot of an actual property. The other house shots could just as well have come from a home furnishings catalog like Neiman Marcus or Ballard’s or Frontgate. Except for the shot with the white floor-length drapes–skimpy, and check out the crappy hem work– and the “billiards room”–check out the complete absence of crown moulding; neither of those would have made the cut in a catalog!

    And whats with the polo players photo? Gimme a break. Hugh Bris, maybe the Powder Room is where the polo players snort the coke, who knows.

  11. My rant

    I will never forget the night Antares “introduced” the brokerage community to their 3 mansions (cocktails at the first, dinner at the second, and coffee/dessert at the third). I saved a copy of their brochure which has the same contents as your link. You could smell “market top” for miles, and sure enough…

    Lesson: “Don’t confuse brains with a bull market.”

  12. Cobra

    Production budget for that obnoxiously tacky brochure can’t have exceeded $25.00. Copy must have been written during a nutmeg trip. Annoyingly repetitive use of artwork (as Betty pointed out above) and what’s the deal with the cheesy Sprite or Midget illustrations? Certainly they could have used a stock photograph of a more exotic vehicle rather than a bare bones, entry level sports car.

  13. Cos Cobber

    CF, great estates need great land and its simply not here in this house. I think this estate is going to sell for 1/2 the asking price…if they are lucky. This could get ugly….oh wait, too late on that front.

    They should call the Stanwich school, let them rent it out as class room space until their campus is done.