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Oh, don’t be so stupid

Hedge funders and Scott Frantz to meet with Governor and plead not to be slaughtered. Run away!


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No one here says you can’t commit suicide

A million Ohioans sign petition to protect their state workers’ union. God bless them, the state’s already in the toilet and they might just as well finish the job. See ya in Connecticut? I’m still trying to find out whether I can land in Texas with my Accord or if I’ll need an F-150.


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Who says I’m not up on popular culture?

Timberland Boots

Shoemaker Justin Timberland espied on Greenwich Avenue

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Shocker! Connecticut Democrats refuse to punish unions.

Who’d have thought it?

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Tucson real estate

I have an email pal, John Schneider, out in Arizona (link over on the right) and I like to check in regularly to see how things are doing out west. Not well, but do check out this story. Huge bargains in Tucson and, as John points out, his local MLS covers up the bleeding as well as we do here in Greenwich. Hmm.


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Sales data

The close of the month saw 14 sales reported, which will provide some good number crunching material – I’ll pull it together tomorrow, promise. In the meantime, notable sales include:

84 Field Point Circle, $38.5 million

60 Club Road, $5.3

2 Birch, $4.8

215 Clapboard, $4.3

Notice that, Field Point Circle aside, the market for sales of + $5 houses is just about non-existent. That’s attributable, I think, to a disconnect between sellers and buyers in this range. I am  personally working with three buyers in this range and obviously, if a small schnook like myself has three such buyers the big guys have many, many more. But folks with the smarts to assemble this kind of buying power aren’t going to toss it away on a seller’s dream price while sellers don’t seem to have to sell so …. bupkis. Oh well.

I did like, by the way, 19 Ivanhoe Lane, which reports in as selling at $2.4 million. I think that was a great price and I think the buyers will be quite pleased with their purchase. Very nice house, excellent street, good buy.

And one contract to report, 17 Wynwood, asking $7.975. Excellent quality, new construction, and down a couple of million from its original ask. I’ve shown this house several times and always liked it – more than my clients, alas, but that’s how this business works.


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Sometimes the opening price shouldn’t frame the discussion

Two Birch Lane started at $5.9 million, just sold for $4.8.


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