Two Riverside sales

68 Winthrop Drive

68 Winthrop Drive has sold for $1.865 million while number 63 across the street has an executed contract, last asking price $1.395. I’m pretty sure that 63 represents a good value, so should 68 be worth some $500,000 more? Maybe – it’s on 0.58 of an acre vs. 63’s 0.4, has a better yard (a brook runs through #63’s back yard) and sits up on a slight hill, with nice views. It’s not a pure land sale, although it could be. The house was perfectly maintained by its former owner and, although dated, could easily be modernized and even expanded. Its price might be a little high but then again, 63 was a relocation company sale, and those tend to be slightly below market. All in all, I think both buyers will do well here on this street.

I’d have recommended both houses – in fact, I did, to a couple of clients. I have to start pushing harder.


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2 responses to “Two Riverside sales

  1. George W. Crossman

    #63 can not do any construction beyond where the house sits now due to the setback from the brook. Several builders looked and walked away.