This is the NYT’s Thomas Friedman’s house – why would you listen to him?

Friedman house under construction, 2007

12,000 square feet (plus garages for his SUVs) 7.6 acres, and today he lectures the word on conspicuous consumption. Friedman, like his boss Sulzberger and every communist I have studied or, as in Pinch’s case, known, advocates crushing little people while they themselves are secure in the knowledge that their own wealth won’t be touched. Do go up and visit Pinch’s estate in Stamford/Greenwich. You’ll be reassured, knowing that he and Tom have plenty of land on which to land their private jets after jetting off to global warming conferences in Bali.


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7 responses to “This is the NYT’s Thomas Friedman’s house – why would you listen to him?

  1. InfoDiva

    I’m confused. Is that Pinch Sulzberger’s house, or Thomas Friedman’s? I was under the impression–perhaps wrong–that Friedman lived in the DC suburbs somewhere.

  2. Anonymous

    Most of the knuckleheads responding to the article don’t have a clue about Mr. Friedman’s lifestyle any more than they have a clue about Mr. Gore’s et al. I want to smack them for their stupidity.

    I might not agree with their beliefs but I have to admire a guy like Ed Begley Jr. who appears to walk the talk unlike most of these a-holes.

  3. Balzac

    Friedman writes:
    While in Yemen last year, I saw a tanker truck delivering water in the capital, Sana. Why? Because Sana could be the first big city in the world to run out of water, within a decade. That is what happens when one generation in one country lives at 150 percent of sustainable capacity.
    Well, no, actually. Sana is running out of water because it has a population of 1,700,000 at an altitude of 7500 feet in the desert with annual rainfall of 8 inches (Houston 48 inches, New York 45 inches).
    This has exactly nothing to do with US lifestyles. Friedman, the darling of NYTimes readers, is a lightweight thinker and an awful writer.

  4. Al Gore

    My liberal pals Tom and Pinch learned all about carbon footprints and global warming from me. You do know I invented the terms. Anyway, my house in Tennessee can eat theirs for lunch. Oooh, lunch, did someone mention food? I’m there.

  5. Anonymous

    Not one of those commenters at the NYT article have a clue about Friedman’s lifestlye let alone Al Gore, et al’s.

    I may not agree with him but I have to respect a guy like Ed Begley Jr who walks the talk until the majority of the alarm bell ringers.

  6. Georgie in Greenwich

    The hypocrisy is everywhere…..I heard that Weiner co-sponsored a bill on going after people who use the Internet with the underage.