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Soon, we’ll all work for Obama

Dannel Malloy arrives in Mordor

Malloy imposes a tax on Amazon so it pulls out from the state depriving, among other people I know, a 10 – year-old boy who makes maybe two bucks a month from his Amazon links to books he likes. That’s fine: Danny wants union workers, and only union workers, to be employed in Connecticut and sucking on the Democratic Party’s teat, but make no mistake, the goon knows that his tax is designed to end private self-employment and not to raise a penny in revenue. In fact, as of today, hundreds, even thousands of jobs were just destroyed, with exactly zero dollars raised for Malloy’s unions.

I know the man, at least to say hello to, and he doesn’t dribble, often, on his collar, so I’ll give him credit enough to know exactly what he’s doing. And what he’s doing is to destroy the private sector in Connecticut and turn it over, together with his upturned buttocks, to his masters in Washington. You don’t get rewarded for this, you dumb f**k – read your history. In Russia, China, even in  a tiny, nasty sweat shop like Cuba, facilitators like you end up with a bullet behind the ear – not by your opponents – a parting gift from your masters.


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This is what happens when you tease unfortunates

There’s a huge oak limb across the wires and blocking Riverside Avenue down here by Ole’s. Only the police have arrived, so far, but I’m sure they’ll be followed by CL&P and I expect we’ll lose our electricity while they fix things up. Ah well. I’ll just get out a rifle and a flashlight and wait for that mountain lion.


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Fun math to ponder over the weekend

Do you feel lucky, punk?

We have 618 single family homes for sale in Greenwich, priced as follows:

$339,000 – $1,000,000: 103

$1 – $2 million: 132

$2 – $3 million: 111

$3 – $4 million: 61

$4 – $5 million: 61

$5 – $6 million: 33

$6 – $7 million: 17

$7-$8 million: 17

$8-$9 million: 10

$10 million + : 38

For you high rollers, of the total of 274 houses gone to contract this year, exactly two were above $10 million. But then, your house is different.

(5 houses went with asking prices of $7 – $10, in case you were wondering)


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Power outage hits Byram, Back Country – Continent cut off

Tough times for those fringe areas.


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Well, this is pathetic

I just love those peanuts!

San Francisco Realtor Paige Gienger gets a listing and sends out a news release. Which is worse: a woman just trying to keep up with her expenses or a once-admired newspaper printing this crap?


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Here’s news we need to know

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours

Why men text pictures of their penises.  Ah, ohhhkay.


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Cuomo joins Christie on the right, our own Irish mick stays the course

NY will fire 10,000 state workers, increase retirement age, freeze pensions. Malloy, beholden to the unions that put him in office, does nothing.

Question for Malloy: what, exactly, is Connecticut’s attraction for business? We have high taxes, a harsh climate (for both weather and business), a failing port and rail system and an uneducated workforce. We’re the Mississippi of New England – Rhode Island is probably Alabama – so what do we have to offer? Proximity to NYC in Fairfield County, period,  but you’re determined to destroy that, so what: New Britain will be the next shining city on the hill? Shelton? Derby?

I keep sliding to the edge of political thought that claims that the current ruling class is determined to destroy the United States, that their actions are deliberate and not due to sheer stupidity and ignorance. Malloy and Obama are hastening that conclusion along. The bright side? Danny has passed a new law adding extra protection for transvestites.


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Groupon and other idiots

Having turned down $6 billion from Google, this unprofitable business is set to go the IPO route. The bankers will get richer, the suckers parted from their money once again and the Groupon founders may or may not make out. I’d have taken the $6 billion and skidaddled.


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So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu


Give my regards to Broadway

UBS makes that great big sucking sound and Stamford frets. The Times has the original story but Business Insider picks up the Grey Lady’s most significant omission: it failed to interview the girls at Beamers to get their take on things. Bess Levinson promises to correct this and get back to her readers.

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Hitting the sweet spot

32 Saw Mill Lane came up for sale just a few days ago asking $2.995. It already has an accepted offer. Nice house, as I mentioned here earlier, but I think its quick sale illustrates the weakest part of our current inventory, the $2.5 – $3 range. I know of three buyers actively looking at houses in this range and I’m sure there are dozens more, Unfortunately, most of those houses have moderate to severe problems. This one didn’t – it’s clean, livable and ready to go. So it went.


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