Groupon and other idiots

Having turned down $6 billion from Google, this unprofitable business is set to go the IPO route. The bankers will get richer, the suckers parted from their money once again and the Groupon founders may or may not make out. I’d have taken the $6 billion and skidaddled.


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4 responses to “Groupon and other idiots

  1. IDAHO

    You got that right Lad! I signed in to Groupon for a while then told them to get out of my inbox. Nothing there to make me drive to town……

  2. Anonymous

    Groupon not only loses money (huge customer acquisition expenses) but there are no barriers to entry to the business ie. Livingsocial, Dealon, Active Shwaggle, Gooogle Offers and so on and so on. They will be looking back at the 6B Google offer with tears. And you nailed it – the only ones who will make a killing are of course the bankers. Total scam.

  3. I can’t thinking to myself how much of an idiot Eric Lefkofsky (CEO Groupon) is and what a huge mistake they have made turning down a once in a life time offer from Google. BusinessWeek keeps putting him in articles, quoting him saying, “Groupon is going to be wildly profitable.” They have an IPO planned and have lost $540 million to date. Only fools should buy this stock offering. We have a small business ( and would only dream of investors dumping $540 million onto us, let alone Google offering $6 Billion. Good luck Eric. You have proven over and over again that you have no idea what you are doing.

    • I think this Eric guy has too much money and the Gropon guy doesn’t have enough brains. As it is, I suspect Google will save its money and Groupon will be dead by the end of 2012.