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Take a flyer on New Mexican land?

Auctioning off the last of a 60,000 acre ranch. Could be a good deal for northern New Mexico, could be a bust, but lovely area – I might make my way out there next month to poke around. When Nancy and I were leaving Maine in 1983, Sunday River had gone bust and slope-side condos were selling for something like $15,000. The risk, of course, was that no one would rescue the resort – the up side was that fifteen grand for a condo on a thriving ski area would be a home run. We were poor, young, and trying to buy in Greenwich so we passed, but someone made out well over there in western Maine. I’m not saying that Chama New Mexico is the next hot thing, but still, there might be a deal here.


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Pete Fornatale, WFUV – 90.7

I keep mentioning this show, but Pete keeps capturing my Saturdays, 4 -8 PM. It’s 90.7 on your dial, or WFUV.org on your computer. Best music going, ever. Thanks to Congress, you can’t get archives, so tune in or  lose.


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On your own for mountain lions, but here’s good advice for dealing with moths and mice

From the NYT, which must have found a suburbanite to write for them.


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Aw, I hope not

Mountain lion struck, killed by car in Milford. They think she’s our Greenwich cat but I’d prefer that we have (had) at least two in the state.


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Connecticut labor leader: “They want to know how we did it!”

From reader HH comes this:

Connecticut union negotiator swamped by inquiries about how he slipped it up Dannel Malloy’s nether parts. “Lots of soap and soft music”, he claims.


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Beamers’ staff mourns loss of UBS men

Come and get me, Big Boy!

The rumors of UBS’s flight from Stamford have devastated the liquor stores and cheap Thai take-out places around that  seedy neighborhood of South Stamford, but nowhere has the pain been felt worse than at the strip club Beamers,  just around the corner from what was once the largest trading floor of BSDs ruling the world.

“Those boys would come over after five and get their rocks off before going home to the little woman in Ridgefield” said Helen Thomas, former reporter and until recently, the number one stripper at Beamers. “I can’t tell you the number of marriages we saved, providing these kids what they couldn’t get at home. So what are they going to do now? What are we going to do now? I mean, there are always the cops, but have you ever seen their pay checks? Oh  f***k.”


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Polls are in: Pelosi decides that the Weiner Master can stay

“We love the guy” she declares, after polls indicated that 57% of the pervert’s constituents still support him. “What, you think we’re going to risk a safe seat over a minor matter like weeny pics sent to a high school student? Get real.”

Another Congressional moral leader, Charles Rangel, was equally supportive: “he wasn’t caught prostituting young boys, like my friend Barney Frank”, Rangel pointed out, “he was photo-diddling girls. In the black community, that’s a big difference. Not that there’s anything wrong with Barney’s proclivities”, he added, clearly worried about his mentor’s wrath, “but come on, look at me: I’m a tax cheat, an abuser of New York’s rent control statutes – I mean I f***ked those people! and I got richer down there in Washington than anyone since Jessie Jackson and you don’t see me in no real trouble. So if Weiner wants to reach out to some sweet young things, why, let him!”


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Malkin buys Greenwich Avenue post office, vows “tower that will look down on my Empire State Building”.

No, of course he has no such plans, but thank goodness that it is he and not Donald Trump who continues to live in town. I’ll bet that we end up with the original building pretty much as is, perhaps reconfigured to work better as retail space. I think this prime location and landmark is in good hands.


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