Polls are in: Pelosi decides that the Weiner Master can stay

“We love the guy” she declares, after polls indicated that 57% of the pervert’s constituents still support him. “What, you think we’re going to risk a safe seat over a minor matter like weeny pics sent to a high school student? Get real.”

Another Congressional moral leader, Charles Rangel, was equally supportive: “he wasn’t caught prostituting young boys, like my friend Barney Frank”, Rangel pointed out, “he was photo-diddling girls. In the black community, that’s a big difference. Not that there’s anything wrong with Barney’s proclivities”, he added, clearly worried about his mentor’s wrath, “but come on, look at me: I’m a tax cheat, an abuser of New York’s rent control statutes – I mean I f***ked those people! and I got richer down there in Washington than anyone since Jessie Jackson and you don’t see me in no real trouble. So if Weiner wants to reach out to some sweet young things, why, let him!”


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16 responses to “Polls are in: Pelosi decides that the Weiner Master can stay

  1. Just_looking

    As I say again, The electorate cannot be trusted!

  2. @J_L: Neither can anyone else.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Your ignorant smugness is repulsive.
    I frigging LOVE that line!! I know I stole it, but just typing it makes me piss my pampers. It just fits so well.
    Your Pal,

  4. Tokenekebozo

    Old adage- “People get the government they deserve”. If you’ve ever been out to the 9th District (Brooklyn & Queens) you’ll know that a cretinous hustler like ‘Lil Tony is perfect for them.

  5. Anonymous

    To lighten the mood, a dramatic reading of the steamy emails. 😀

  6. I was listening to Fox News on the radio while out and about today. Interesting segment on why all the Democratic women are silent on this subject. They know Weiner is for women’s rights, gay rights, right to choose, etc., so they don’t want to lose his vote in the House. But the reporter felt women should be outraged that Weiner is both disgracing his wife and using women for his own sick need to show his stuff.

    That said, ALL the women who received the tweet tweeted back volumes, enjoying the phone sex. No one reported Weiner until the scandal broke which says to me women are total hypocrites. They want to be respected on one level but engaged in stupidity because they were flattered a man of such “power” was talking to them. Lord, we women need to get our act together. Myself excluded, of course.

  7. And no sooner did I post that then breaking news:

    House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Calls On Anthony Weiner to Resign

  8. Anonymous

    @ EOS 1:02pm. Ouch, I think I’m getting whiplash!🙂

  9. dogwalker

    What’d ya expect??!?! She must’ve seen the photos. Girl’s gotta have a dream!

  10. Anonymous

    More whiplash on the way.

    Weiner to take a break and enter treatment. 😀

    What a clusterf*ck. It’s hard to believe that he’s considered media and tech savvy by Congressional standards. Had he made this move two weeks ago this whole sideshow would have been averted and he’d likely have garnered some sympathy. But no, he had to act like an entitled prick instead.

  11. Cobra

    Not only has Pelosi urged him to resign (an reversal of her earlier position), but now Weinerschinitzel “seeks a leave of absence to get professional help.” Word is that he’s booked a trip to Patpong to visit some teen ladyboy bars so he can “friend” a few on Facebook for his future enjoyment when he gets back to Forest Hills.

  12. cybercommuter

    Suspect the treatment center is perhaps a last ditch effort to save the marriage.

  13. Shiloh

    The fact that his congressional posture has been that of an arrogant, egotistical prick has clearly not made him any friends. Congressman Rangel, whose conduct in office has been far more egregious, is considered a courtly, elegant older gentleman.
    Sorry, but they both suck.

  14. Shiloh


  15. Libertarian Advocate

    My guess is that the Demoncrat powers that be thought they could keep him in play until someone was smart enough to realize that Weenie was gonna be a BIG money draw for the Republicans in 2012.

    He still could be. I can see the commercials already in my head: Parade of Democrat ethics: Weiner, Rangel, Spitzer….

  16. Peg

    I just saw this: http://www.tmz.com/2011/06/12/anthony-weiner-representative-congress-house-of-representatives-gym-locker-room-photos-pictures/

    This guy really IS a perv. And doing this in the Congressional gym? Please – with all the zillions of laws we have, isn’t there some law against photographing and publizing your boner on Congressional property?!?