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The cat’s out of the bag

They’ve denied it for decades, but I think the DEP has blown its cover: The cats are back.The hunter in me wants to head out to the Greenwich Audubon with a .270 but good lord, who would want to hurt such a magnificent animal, back from the dead? I’d never do it harm. But it’s ironic that the only legal weapon for these great creatures is the automobile. They deserve better.


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What the Greenwich market’s been waiting for

465 Round Hill Road

Dropped today from $12.950 million to $12.250. Fringe area.


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Distressed property: I need a heavy hitter

$7 million to take this baby down. It’s a good deal: best neighborhood in town, a $12 million property with an owner in deep da da.  My own clients won’t bite, so my estimation of value may be off, but I think I know what will take this house today. Two years from now may be another story, but for now….

Anyway, if you’re curious, christopher.fountain@gmail.com.


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The new official beverage at EBT Realty

At Fudrucker’s insistence, we’ll be stocking only Rush Limbaugh’s iced tea.


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The real estate market has died

It’s only 11:00 this Friday morning but barring some surprise, this will turn out to be one dull week. Low end stuff has moved off the market this week (though none in Glenville) and that’s it. Wall Street layoffs loom, sellers still await the arrival of bonus babies, and the summer heat is descending. This may be the perfect summer to trout fish in Wyoming.


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Pay $25 to be lied to? Hell, I pay more in taxes for that.

NAR Economist Daniel Yun will be speaking here in Greenwich June 29th. I think it’s for realtors only but I’ll attend and report back.


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