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Putting mountain lions in perspective

I read that mountain lions killed ten people out west in the past decade while 1,100 folks died from car collisions with gentle deer. So it goes. In the meantime, a horrific day for tragedy here in town, according to Greenwich Time. A grandmother and her two-year-old grandson drowned in a small koi pond, a woman died on I-95 in Riverside when an object came flying through her windshield and three persons died in a plane crash outside of the airport. We (I) tend to discount these individual deaths and focus on the sensational but really, life, and death, goes on all around us without our notice.


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Reverse mortgages disappear

Wells Fargo quits the business. The bank claims that it’s because HUD is pressuring them to foreclose on seniors and it’s not worth the bad PR, which I believe. But it’s also true that house prices are declining these days, so these loans are riskier. Too bad: done properly, the reverse mortgage was a decent way for older folks to tap the equity of their homes.


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I’m going vegetarian

First apples, now it’s mushrooms. Johns Hopkins study says magic  ‘shrooms are fun (d’uh) and good for you. A couple of questions: where were these people when we needed them in the 60’s?, and why wasn’t I invited to participate in this study?

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