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From my only friend at the New York Times

Yeah, I have my cousin Henry, but he’s family and has no choice in the matter. Here’s a link from a really nice Texan that I’m trying, without success so far, to lure out here to go on a fruitless search for mountain lions at the Audubon. Damn it, I’ve promised to pack PB&J’s and pepper spray – what  else could he demand?


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Here’s trouble

 No sooner does the rotten little dog die than 521 Round Hill Road is back up for sale. The new owners paid $35,000,000 $32,000,000 for it last year and want $10.9 million ($42.900,000, if you’re keeping score) for mowing the lawn the past few months. Hmm.


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No more Dutch treat

84 Field Point

The last time I ran into Joe Barbieri we dined together at Beach House Cafe and split the check. Screw that: he’s just reported 84 Field Point Circle, asking $42.5 million, as under contract. I want an Arnold Palmer iced tea Joe, and you’re paying.


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What, he thinks he’s a mountain lion?

Cos Cobber charged with killing deer. I like that he was cited for not wearing flourescent orange.


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Dang, I wondered where my listing had gotten to!

Online dating service dumps 30,000 posters as “too ugly”.

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Why do we get our education “experts” from New York?

Because they can collect pensions from New York (Sid Freund, $189,000, his replacement, Robert Lichtenfeld, $208,000) without having it counted.

NYSTRS Retirees Receiving Benefit of $100,000 or More

Hunderfund,James H
Brande,Richard T
Brosnan Jr,William J
Mc Donald,William J
Goldstein,George A
George,John H
Watkins,Dodge R
Lichtenfeld,Robert V
Natale,Joseph L
Weiss,Kathy G
Murphy,Edward J
Caramore,Thomas J
Dennis,Bruce L
Black,Leslie A
Freund,Sidney A

Maximum Annual


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Mead Point goes downscale?

28 Windrose

One of my favorite gated communities, (although you can forget this silly picture). The original Caldor mansion started at $17.5 million, sold Friday for $6.5.


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