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Oh, such great news

EOS tells me that her son has all fingers and toes and will be okay – she also mentioned this morning, although I couldn’t bring myself to mention it, that she has two free tickets to the Newport blogger conference this Friday. Hey, $145 per, and if her son’s out of danger, I think you’re free to take advantage of her generosity. Email me if you want to see Newport, and for sure, celebrate her son’s service.

Oh criminey, I can’t get this link to work. Just send an email to christopher.fountain @gmail.com.


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J. P. Morgan to pay big bucks for fraud.

$153 million, says the WSJ. Here’s the weird thing: I know a ton of Wall Street folks and was raised by one of them, and I never knew a better group – honest people, whose word is truly their bond. Sure, I fed off the penny stock sharks back when I was a lawyer and, occasionally, the wayward big firm broker who got in over his head and went wrong, but Wall Street breeds, mostly, honest, decent people. So where are these guys coming from?


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Existing home sales fall to all time low. Someone has to buy these homes so that someone else can move to Greenwich.


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Some sales

Life goes on, although I have written to EOS and expressed my horror and grief.

84 Dubling just sold, 11 DOM, for $3.4 million. Never saw it.

19 Lakevwiew (NoPo) sold for $985, 250. Another two weeks on market.

14 Baldwin Farms South, on forever, sold via new investment owners for $5.46 million. Back when Patriot Bank owned the land, it was asking $9.495. So it goes.


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Oh my God

Readers of this blog will probably know that EOS’s son has been serving in Afghanistan – I just heard from her that he has been seriously wounded and flown to Germany.  I am so very, very sorry.


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