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They’re just asking now?

Do women tennis players squeal too much? I quit watching them twenty years ago. Disgusting, grunting pigs.


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My, the money you’ll save

How the rich blow their bucks in the Hamptons. I kind of, sort of, hung out there in the early 70’s and even then, preferred the fall and winter. Go somewhere else, save half-a million.


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Frank Farricker to be named Deputy Police Chief, Tesei says

Frank Farricker (in hat)

“Clearly the best man for the job” proclaims Tesei. “I deeply regret losing his services on the Planning and Zoning Commission, but here’s a way to bring him back into service and now, armed, he can bring zoning enforcement to a new level.” Farricker, recent recipient of the Chairman’s Award at EBT Realty, was unavailable for comment.

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Always pack a pistol in Boulder

Woman at yoga festival discovers man hiding in holding tank of Port-a-Potty.


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Mountain Lion had a graduation certificate from Greenwich Academy

Nah, just kidding. But it would be fun, no?


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He hasn’t even announced yet but they’re sharpening the knives

Rick Perry running for President? Goes jogging with his pistol? Thinks Texas maybe – ought to – secede? All fine by me – in fact, if he does pull Texas from the union, I may just buy an air conditioner and drive on down. Can I cross the border with my Honda or will I have to arrive in  an F-150? I’m okay with that.

UPDATE: I just got to the final attack against him: he may be gay! Have you noticed – I sure have – that it’s liberals who play the gay card? I suppose it’s possible that they think they’ll horrify conservatives by tossing this canard around but I’m convinced that they’re a bunch of intolerant, homophobic racists. Screw them.


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