Bad times for real estate

I troll Google News for both “real estate” and “real estate agents” and am usually rewarded with articles that might be of interest to readers of For What It’s Worth. But these days, it’s not just the Greenwich market’s that dead – those search terms turn up mostly press releases from agents as bored as I am. Hmm. We’ve done the School Board, leaf blowers and gay marriage, what else should we discuss?


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11 responses to “Bad times for real estate

  1. Anonymous

    So, WHEN is the volume going to clear out and/or prices drop – capitulation….
    Or, can people just afford to sit and and try to make money off their overpriced assets?

  2. Inagua

    Chris – How can you say the Greenwich market is dead when 217 houses sold in the first five months? June might have been slow — I haven’t seen the numbers yet — but the market through May was far from dead, and prices seemed to be at least stable.

  3. Peg

    Christopher, I will send you my bridge results as they come in from beautiful West Des Moines starting this evening 🙂

  4. Al Dente

    I would like to discuss gay leaf blower operators who couldn’t get a good job because our education system sucks.

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmm…we could talk about commercial property and the supply of empty office buildings and storefronts in Greenwich.
    Is 16 Greenwich Avenue still for sale for $2,395,000? There was a dry cleaners there. I think the psychic is in the same building.

  6. While I can’t top Al Dente, here are my suggestions for what to discuss:
    1. Where are all the lobster and why aren’t they in OUR traps?
    2. What could Michele Bachmann be thinking, running for President?
    3. Why do so few stores carry Schweppes tonic?
    4. Why does AT&T cell service stink?
    5. Do white slacks look gay on men?

  7. sound beacher

    Well, in yesterdays Greenwich Times on the front page they had an Invitation to Readers, asking them to provide “Greenwich’s sense of abandonment”. “Greenwich Times is searching for houses that have been vacated by their owners and have been neglected. Have your seen any?.. Let us know by contacting staff writer Lisa Chamoff at I tried to find the item to link to it, but couldn’t. You and your readers would have a lot to say about that.

    • They should just call Patriot Bank (it’s funny though – no one at Greenwich Time has ever called me for comment on the real estate scene. Are they scared that even mentioning my name would scare off their remaining advertisers?)

  8. Anonymous

    They were peddling Greenwich Times subscriptions at the grocery store the other day. Pathetic. Can someone please pull the plug on these dying media companies and put them out of their misery.

  9. Well, it’s a pretty peppy market out here in Seattle. Listed this slightly-short sale less than a week ago, have already had 40 agents through and an offer. 2/3 acre, 4400sf house completely redone, 100′ of Lake Washington waterfront:

    How much would this go for in Greenwich?