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Oh dear, my bad

I was busy trying to increase real estate sales this morning and so missed the NAR’s paid liar economist Yun’s speech at the Milbrook Club this morning. Greenwich Time sent along a young reporter who, not surprisingly, heard nothing and asked nothing that would disturb the paper’s real estate advertisers. Everybody!: Everything is beautiful …


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Is this right?

A reader says that Greenwich is cutting back to once-a-week garbage pickup. Really? My Ma and I have that arrangement with our carter but that’s because we’re just too old to generate much garbage. Were my kids still here, no way.

Hi Chris:  this isn’t so much a blog post but a question.  How did these new single stream recycling rules come about?  As I understand it, they mean that the “real” garbage will only get picked up once a week.  In our experience, when we only have one pick-up in the week when mixed paper is picked up, the week-old garbage gets pretty ripe.  And, like many people, we keep our garbage cans in our attached garage…….
I know that the blue bins are a pain, but the perky little propaganda mailer the town included in the tax bills only touts the advantages of single stream recycling and doesn’t mention what to me is a critical disadvantage.
Isn’t rotting food a health hazard given that, among other things, it is a magnet for vermin? 
Plus, it occurs to me that it will be fun sell houses to out of towners when they reek of rotting garbage!


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Any suggestions?

Here’s a question from a reader (and by the way, I am always happy to post these things anonymously, as you see)

Off topic, please don’t post directly.

Can you ask your readers for a legitimate pool contractor for a renovation of a pool/patio in Greenwich? I have one quote and feel like I am getting completely fleeced for my zip code. Need some more quotes from legit vendors.


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Breaking news from 1965

Turtles on runway cause flight delays at JFK

UPDATE: a reader sends along this audio link (from the WSJ) to the actual turtle incident.  Unless you were one of the passengers delayed for two hours, I think you’ll be charmed by these otherwise professional people going out of their way to avoid hurting momma turtles.









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I knew I had something scheduled for this morning: the appearance of NAR’s economist at the Milbrook Club. I was off showing a house and completely forgot it. Was anyone there who took notes?


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Not saying it can’t happen

30 Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, new construction, has just been listed at $3 million. I have not seen this house and obviously can’t hazard an opinion on value, but it will certainly arch some eyebrows if it gets its price, and raise the value of older, more modest homes on Park considerably.

As an aside, I was recently asked by a friend for a price opinion on an out-of-town house owned by an estate. I know the town, have a pretty good grasp of what values are there, and gave my advice. In no way was I looking for the listing and I’m glad I wasn’t because I see it’s on today for $300,000 more than I thought it might fetch. That’s gonna be a contentious relationship.


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Lincoln: founding fathers opposed slavery.


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