Any suggestions?

Here’s a question from a reader (and by the way, I am always happy to post these things anonymously, as you see)

Off topic, please don’t post directly.

Can you ask your readers for a legitimate pool contractor for a renovation of a pool/patio in Greenwich? I have one quote and feel like I am getting completely fleeced for my zip code. Need some more quotes from legit vendors.


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  1. Out Looking In

    with all due respect, bend over and smile…and get used to it….a fellow 06830 er

  2. Focus Magazine

    I got a Greenwich Hospital magazine today. Why dont they get rid of medical cheif Molenelli and that awfully over paid CEO corvineo ..they haeve a horrible reputation for crappy doctors at that place nand dr molenelli is no exception..
    despite the tons of pr that place puts out..they shoudlld have never taken down the old hospital..instead the staff should have better screened their providers.

  3. Burning Madolf

    I once used Tamms in Cos Cob for weekly service after getting bent over by the biggest service co. (Shoreline?) for too many years. Seemed like a decent guy and might be able to send you in a direction if he can’t do anything himself. I only used him for a year, then sold.

  4. fran

    Signature Pools is great. Ask for Joe or Bruno. (203) 866-7665

  5. Pool Owner in Riverside

    Nu-Clear Swimming Pool Service in Port Chester is highly competent and does not gouge. (914) 939-4748

  6. New Canaanite

    We’re currently using All American In Norwalk and our pool is nearly completed. They are first class, reasonable and nice. Family business with many long-term employees. Meticulous work. Ask for Rich. (203) 847-2704.

  7. pool company lawsuit

    a popular pool company that built most of gwich pools since the 70’s got nailed for a kids guts getting sucked out since they failed to put a proper suction gate at bottom of pool. wagner or shoreline.

  8. Anonymous

    Shoreline Pools………totally legit and very good. They are not inexpensive but you won’t get fleeced. You get what you pay for. Good high quality work does not come cheap. LouisVan Leeuwen, Riverside, CT

  9. OG

    Swimm Pool
    512 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820
    Phone: 203-656-4336
    Really nice people they did not install our pool but I wish they did. They have fixed everything the first pool company did wrong and have been great to work with!!

  10. Pool Owner in Riverside

    Before thinking about using Shoreline for anything, read this from Consumer Reports:

    I used Shoreline briefly. They were expensive, imperious and rude — and just took their cut and subcontracted the work to someone else. Never again!

    Based on my experience and on the terrible accident in which a child drowned because an illegal and dangerously defective pool Shoreline built, stay away.

  11. NO to Shoreline based in Stamford

    Shoreline sucks. Pool still leaks.