Breaking news from 1965

Turtles on runway cause flight delays at JFK

UPDATE: a reader sends along this audio link (from the WSJ) to the actual turtle incident.  Unless you were one of the passengers delayed for two hours, I think you’ll be charmed by these otherwise professional people going out of their way to avoid hurting momma turtles.









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4 responses to “Breaking news from 1965

  1. I suddenly got a craving for snapper soup. The best was made by the now closed Original Bookbinders on Market and 2nd in Philly. Mmmm.

  2. Anonymous

    I thought Volman and Kaylan were in town.

  3. Fred2

    The Car 97 turtle pickup guy was certainly busy.

    The pilots seemed amused. Rightly so, I mean it’s one thing to get bird struck, but lets’ face it getting a turtle stuck in the undercarriage, or worse sucked into the turbine, you’d NEVER live that one down.