Is this right?

A reader says that Greenwich is cutting back to once-a-week garbage pickup. Really? My Ma and I have that arrangement with our carter but that’s because we’re just too old to generate much garbage. Were my kids still here, no way.

Hi Chris:  this isn’t so much a blog post but a question.  How did these new single stream recycling rules come about?  As I understand it, they mean that the “real” garbage will only get picked up once a week.  In our experience, when we only have one pick-up in the week when mixed paper is picked up, the week-old garbage gets pretty ripe.  And, like many people, we keep our garbage cans in our attached garage…….
I know that the blue bins are a pain, but the perky little propaganda mailer the town included in the tax bills only touts the advantages of single stream recycling and doesn’t mention what to me is a critical disadvantage.
Isn’t rotting food a health hazard given that, among other things, it is a magnet for vermin? 
Plus, it occurs to me that it will be fun sell houses to out of towners when they reek of rotting garbage!


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  1. DebtVulture

    Same in Westport now for the private haulers. One a week for real garbage and once a week for recycling.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Maybe our bloated state debt has caught up with our ability to collect garbage.

    Today, the Institute for Truth in Accounting (IFTA) announces completion of a significant, comprehensive study of all 50 states’ assets and liabilities, including pension and retirement healthcare obligations. The study determined that six states had a per taxpayer burden over $20,000: Connecticut ($41,200), Illinois ($26,800), Hawaii ($25,000), Kentucky ($23,800), Massachusetts ($20,100) and New Jersey ($34,600). The Taxpayer Burden represents the funds that will be needed to pay the commitments the state has already accumulated divided by the state’s taxpayers.

    Read more:

  3. not so anonymouse

    My goodness.. Here in L.A. It’s always been once a week..3 cans, greens, recycling, garbage.. All collected on one day…works for us, although it has been rough on holidays when the house is full… Had to use bags..

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    Welcome to the new normal. Expect more of the same. We as a state and as a nation are broke and are in denial. At least Greenwich is trying to get in front of reality.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Btw, the WSJ has a nice google map overlayed with the May unemployment rates for the MSAs. CT stood out for year of year weakness in the unemployment rate (trending higher) vs the balance of the northeast which witnessed an improvement.

  6. Wow, and NY has only $13,700 per capita debt. We’re practical models of fiscal probity.

    We’ve once a week pickup for real garbage for years. If you bag it and cover the cans in the garage there’s no noticeable smell for most of the year. July and August can be an issue.

  7. Anonymous

    Once a week for garbage & recycling in Massachusetts. On Cape Cod, garbage is weekly and recycling bi-weekly. No one’s home reeks of garbage as suggested by the poster. In winter, it’s frozen in the garage. In summer, you just need to be extra diligent. I bet this was once the norm in Greenwich.

  8. Anonymous

    In Northern California, it’s been once a week for as long as I can remember (20+ years). Every week for garbage, alternating weeks for yard and recycling.

    I put most foods down the garbage disposal and rinse cans before disposing of them. If there is food that isn’t a good idea to toss down the disposal I throw it all in one bag in the freezer and add it to the can as I take them out to the curb.
    For yard waste (that container does not go in the garage) I just make sure the lid is ventilated by propping it open a bit otherwise that one can get more than a little ripe by pick up day. 🙂

    In our district you can pay extra for additional containers and/or pickups.

    As for the IFTA report, color me absolutely shocked that California wasn’t #1 on that list.

  9. Trash pick-up? We hale and hearty Rhode Islanders take ours to the dump. There’s no town pickup, all private where we are so we opt out of the $8.25 per week fee and go whenever we want to the dump, all for the cost of a dump sticker -$5.00.

    Back in NY though, like Richard said, we have once a week pick-up included in our town taxes. One week trash and paper. The next, trash and cans. You can PAY to have them come twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, but you shouldn’t be generating that much trash anyway.

    Back to the gorgeous sunset………………

  10. This Is Garbage

    Seriously??? We’re some of the poor suckers who pay the salaries of the bloated kleptocracy in town hall with our “lower-than-Westchester” taxes in the 5 figure range. And the pensions and salaries of the $100k+ police officers, million dollar teachers and whatever in the town. We utilize none of these services. Our choice, yes of course. But a burr under our saddle nonetheless knowing that not one person from the “department of hassling and nitpicking” at town hall has been fired. Garbage pickup, that’s what they have to cut?? Of course, how else can they continue to pay the pigs feeding at the trough of Greenwich tax dollars. My guess is that they will realize soon how not to poke a bear and return to business as usual on the garbage front, lest citizens of the town start looking for places to cut that make more sense than this…

  11. Peeps

    It’s been something I haven’t looked into for a while because it wasn’t a regular weekend activity of mine, but here goes: I went to the boatyard off River Rd that had the Fjord Fisheries boats that went out for Sunday brunches and was disappointed to see that there was not trace of the boats or the office that ran them. A boatyard worker told me he thinks they moved to Florida. Is that year-round all the time? Is there anything going on to fill the void? Does anyone know of dinner or brunch cruises around here?

    • Fjord’s boat service, separated from the son’s fish store these past years, has been in deep financial trouble for quite some time. I’m sorry to hear that “Papa Fish” has disappeared, but not surprised. Alternatives? I’m not aware of any, – readers?

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Peeps, why not contact Fjord Fisheries through their website instead of fishing for answers in the boatyard?

  13. Anon

    Is no one else here from CT scared that our taxpayer burden blows all other states away??? $41,200???? Isn’t that more than the average household income for the country?

  14. Anonymous

    Is no one else here from CT scared that our taxpayer burden blows all other states away??? $41,200???? Isn’t that more than the average household income for the country?

    Go Danny, Go!


    I smile as brand Democrat self immolates.

  15. Peeps

    I just sent an email asking where their boats are, but it doesn’t say anything about them on the website. Maybe they’ll answer.

  16. send in the clowns

    Isn’t the frequency of garbage pick up dependent of the contract/agreement between the private hauler and their customer? Surely a customer could arrange extra trash pick up if they are worried about health hazards.

    I like the change since at least half of my “garbage” will now go into the recycle bin and it means the town won’t be paying people/gas to drive around and pick up the blue bins each week. Now if we could also cut the leaf pick up in the fall, that is a huge waste of money and energy.

  17. Georgie in Greenwich

    Here-here to This is Garbage’s well said soliloquy!!!!

    Its Greenwich’s Grand List….all $40 billion of it (more than any other town in CT) that keeps taxes low, not efficiently run government. But as our schools lose luster, we decrease services, our parks deterioriate, our drainage overflows….and the state makes every business run out of town….i suspect that Grand list (which is of course reflects our residential/ comm’l property values) will be a lot less……and then what will those Town hall wizards do?

  18. cybercommuter from Florida

    I’m late to respond as I was working in CA last week but have had once a week pickup in North Florida for at least 10 years. I’ve found it best to keep the blue recycling bin (for cans) outside as it attracted too many roaches in the garage.