Sales data

The close of the month saw 14 sales reported, which will provide some good number crunching material – I’ll pull it together tomorrow, promise. In the meantime, notable sales include:

84 Field Point Circle, $38.5 million

60 Club Road, $5.3

2 Birch, $4.8

215 Clapboard, $4.3

Notice that, Field Point Circle aside, the market for sales of + $5 houses is just about non-existent. That’s attributable, I think, to a disconnect between sellers and buyers in this range. I am  personally working with three buyers in this range and obviously, if a small schnook like myself has three such buyers the big guys have many, many more. But folks with the smarts to assemble this kind of buying power aren’t going to toss it away on a seller’s dream price while sellers don’t seem to have to sell so …. bupkis. Oh well.

I did like, by the way, 19 Ivanhoe Lane, which reports in as selling at $2.4 million. I think that was a great price and I think the buyers will be quite pleased with their purchase. Very nice house, excellent street, good buy.

And one contract to report, 17 Wynwood, asking $7.975. Excellent quality, new construction, and down a couple of million from its original ask. I’ve shown this house several times and always liked it – more than my clients, alas, but that’s how this business works.


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8 responses to “Sales data

  1. Inagua

    Inagua understands that the housing market is terrible, and will get worse for all but a very few select communities like Greenwich. Inagua is sorry that he didn’t make this clear to Digler when he called a market bottom for Geenwich-type comunities only a year ago.

  2. Anon

    Yeah, Greenwich is insulated – seen the past 5 years. Wake up!

  3. Anonymous

    Digler: so are you just shorting everything?

  4. digler

    It is very hard to find a hiding place!

  5. towny

    Digler: Shitloads of Greenwich homeowners are underwater by millions of dollars.

  6. keltic King

    $38.5 – this is still an amazing town!