Tucson real estate

I have an email pal, John Schneider, out in Arizona (link over on the right) and I like to check in regularly to see how things are doing out west. Not well, but do check out this story. Huge bargains in Tucson and, as John points out, his local MLS covers up the bleeding as well as we do here in Greenwich. Hmm.


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4 responses to “Tucson real estate

  1. Burning Madolf

    I’ve been looking in the high desert myself and have the feeling things are much worse than one can derive from reading on-line papers, blogs, ads, etc. But at least the state doesn’t have 50-80 billion in un and under funded obligations.

  2. towny

    Buy wisely Burning.
    8 to 10 years from ‘now’, the average price of a home in Ameica will be about one half of what it is today.