Who says I’m not up on popular culture?

Timberland Boots

Shoemaker Justin Timberland espied on Greenwich Avenue

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One response to “Who says I’m not up on popular culture?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I may be the only one to get your joke, because Uncle Walt is in fact a hipster. And it wasn’t really funny, so keep working it. You load. But an A for effort.
    But if Justin is in fact looking in Greenwich, you need to sign him up. I am not kidding. I want to meet this Dude. Plus he may know Steph!!
    My Grandkids LOVED him when he was a Backroad Boy, or the Last Kid on The Block. I can never remeber which.
    Personally, I always thought he was gay. NTTAWWT. But I saw him on SNL recently. And he kicked ass. Really funny, down to earth, and I think we could hang with him. Plus he knows a lot of hotties. Call up his agent and we can show him around. I can tell him tons of jokes that I think will make him feel like Greenwich should be his home. Is he a Jew? He is in show biz, so he might be. I really don’t care, but I have tons of good Priest/Rabbi jokes that I think he will like. But you might have to get special dispensation before we let him in, right? If he is in fact gay, I have plenty of those jokes as well. Just let me know.
    Dude, I think he was a Mousekatear, so we really need him in Greenwich. He would help define who we all really are!! Plus I love the ear hats!! Press hard on this and let me know if I can help. You load.
    Your Pal,