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Who’s got it better than me?

Ole’s Creek at low tide. Egrets prowling the flats, barn swallows scooping up bugs. A beautiful evening.

UPDATE: And Walt giving me s*** It’s a wondeful world.


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Obummer chastises legislators for taking Fourth of July off

Books Martha’s Vineyard vacation.


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Say, here’s a surprise.


Connecticut legislature

Instead of lay-off notices, 40,000 state employees get a raise. I’m shocked – shocked!


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What the DSK is going on here?

I was never a high-profile lawyer and I’d never claim to have been exceptionally gifted in that profession, but I did handle at least a hundred criminal cases and have a pretty good feel for what goes on down in our halls of justice, federal and state. And never, ever, did I see the prosecution team investigate  a complainant the way these guys did DSK’s accuser, let alone leak the results to the New York Times – hell, I’d have been grateful if they let a Greenwich Time reporter in on their doubts.

So what’s happened here? Is this State Department interference? Something else? It sure as hell isn’t remorse or compassion, because those aren’t feelings known by our prosecutors. Something stinks.


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A living wage

Only one-in-four teenagers is employed this summer, thanks to the minimum wage. I was always self-employed as a kid, whether cleaning boats, painting houses, whatever, and wasn’t affected by this stuff. Nor, I suspect, are most Greenwich kids. But on a national scale, it’s a shame that many children are losing out on the opportunity to learn the discipline needed to hold a job.


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Fall River, MA: drowned woman lies at bottom of public pool for two days before anyone notices. And state health inspectors approved the water quality while she lay rotting!

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Sales this past quarter

120 this year vs. 169 last year. $365,000 – $42,000.000 ask vs. $499,000 – $33,000,000. We saw one biggie sell this quarter (Field Point Circle), another at $9.2 – both were Joe Barbieri’s listings and he has yet to buy me my Arnold Palmer, damn him – and one more at $6.6. Everything else was (well) under $6. If you’re above that price point, unpack your bags.


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