A Libertarian’s dream

Minnesota shuts down. Let’s see how this turns out. I know that the country will survive the collapse of the NBA and I suspect that Minnesotans can do without their government.


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3 responses to “A Libertarian’s dream

  1. Cos Cobber

    OMG, your friend and Dan M. loyalist, Peter Applebom has penned a negative story on the state of CT’s poor fiscal and economic health which has been so nicely hidden under our state’s grand varnish for far too long.

    Now maybe if the NY Times and the rest of the media woke up and really started to pay attention about our dire financial conditions then maybe, just maybe, we’d see some meaningful change around. Lets face it, people in this state arent really that angry and I think that has everything to do with blissful ignorance.


  2. Al Dente

    If you people would shut up, I’m trying to watch Animal Cops Miami.

  3. towny

    CT govt shutting down is nothing compared to the most likely scenario of near term banruptcy. And if you happen to be a bondholder you are gonna get fucked. Because whats ever left is going to pay the MASSIVE underfunded pension liabilities. This towny was smart enough to liquidate all CT assets in 2005-06 (at a huge mark up) and depart for greener pastures. Suckers!