Here’s a question:

It’s 9:20 AM and our mail has just arrived. Usual delivery is somewhere between 3-4:30 PM. Is that because we have a substitute mailman, running the route backwards, or because USPS union rules allow their workers to go home early on holidays once their route’s done?


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  1. OG Guy

    It’s because your usual mailman is taking the day off, and another mailman is doing your route as well as his own. When the mailman is doing two routes, he is supposed to do his own route last.

  2. I had a job with the Post Office during college days for the Christmas holidays. On my first day of helping a mailman to do his entire route, he gave me most of his mail to deliver. I finished before lunchtime and went back to the postoffice to punch out. The next day he yelled at me, saying I wasn’t supposed to go back until 5 pm. He spent most of his time in a bar. This was my first exposure to working at a government job. Currently, all my mail has been delivered early on the day before a holiday. It never mattered what town I lived in. Can’t wait until the government is asked to bail out the early pensions for these hard working civil servants.

  3. Peeps

    SPQNR – I had the same thing happen when I was in college and had a summer job working for a city maintenance department. I took my big Gravely mower and mowed quickly because I wanted to prove I could work as well as the men did. I’d been dropped off at an area and then found I’d have to wait a long time for the truck to come back and pick me up. I called my job from a deli and said they could come get me and drop me somewhere else and all the men got mad at me for having said something. My immediate supervisor told me I had to understand that I only did this job for two months and then I’d be back at school, but these men had to do the jobs all year and it looked bad if I did it too quickly becauxe then they wouldn’t get to rest enough. I was an 18 year-old girl and was accidentally putting this men to shame.