Was DSK set up?

That’s the suggestion. There is, of course, a simple way to avoid this trouble.


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16 responses to “Was DSK set up?

  1. Inagua

    If DSK was innocent he would have immediately explained what happened. Instead, like all guilty, but smart wrongdoers, he stood mute and waited for his lawyers. The lawyers dug up enough dirt on the maid to make her a lousy witness. A lousy witness probably can not win a he said/she said courtroom battle beyond a reasonable doubt, so the old pervert may walk. At the very least he paid a menial for a quick blowjob. The guy is Wiener-level disgusting and perverted, but smart to not have talked.

  2. Al Dente

    Must keep your barack in your pants.

  3. Anonymous

    Obviously some kind of set up. The alleged victim should be in jail or deported.

  4. anon

    On a different subject, did anybody notice two articles in the GT today: 1) Half an ounce of Marijuana is now decriminalized in CT, and 2) CT excise tax on cigarettes and alcohol has been raised massively.

    So now a liter of Smirnoff vodka will cost $28 instead of $23, but I don’t have to worry about driving around with a half Z of weed in my pocket anymore. This type of simplistic governing will send the wrong message. I suspect more kids will switch from drinking to smoking weed.

    Personally, I will switch from buying booze in town to buying in Port Chester, so CT will loose jobs and revenue. Nice job Malloy – you f’ing D-Bag!

  5. Anonymous

    Poor old man
    Maid should be tried for senior abuse

  6. It boggles my mind that NY is now the low tax option compared to CT. Dan Malloy is going to do more to support Westchester real estate prices than any NY elected official in history.

  7. Daniel

    Never talk to the police. Even if you are not guilty of anything, you could talk your way into a charge.

  8. Daniel is right. Martha Stewart talked her way into a prison cell. If she had just said to the Fed’s “Take it up with my attorney” she would have been fine.

  9. Fred2

    Oh I wouldn’t go that far Mr. Fountain. I think it’s perfectly safe and proper ( and generally polite, which in my limited experience tends to relax the police a little) to exchange polite pleasantries, and answer really simple questions like “what’s your name”.

    It’s when they ask you stuff like “what are doing here”, and the answer isn’t something like pointing at your dog that’s considering peeing on his leg and say “walking the dog” that you have to politely decline to answer.

    • I agree, Fred2. I’d pulled over on Old Church Road a few years ago when a cop stopped and asked if I needed help. I pointed to my cell phone, explained that I was checking messages and he smiled and went off. I later learned that there had been a home break-in a few minutes before, so he was doing his job and, by explaining my behavior, I didn’t waste his time. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, in my opinion – citizens should help, not impede our cops. But had he asked me who I was calling, for instance, I’d have told him to take a hike.

  10. towny

    Pre Malloy;
    the most expensive states:
    1. Hawaii
    2. Alaska
    3. CT
    4. NJ
    5. NY

  11. HG

    A few weeks ago I was walking through downtown Phoenix and a local deputy asked me if I could prove I was an American…

  12. Inagua

    Richard – Martha Stewart lied to investigators with her attorneys present.