What the DSK is going on here?

I was never a high-profile lawyer and I’d never claim to have been exceptionally gifted in that profession, but I did handle at least a hundred criminal cases and have a pretty good feel for what goes on down in our halls of justice, federal and state. And never, ever, did I see the prosecution team investigate  a complainant the way these guys did DSK’s accuser, let alone leak the results to the New York Times – hell, I’d have been grateful if they let a Greenwich Time reporter in on their doubts.

So what’s happened here? Is this State Department interference? Something else? It sure as hell isn’t remorse or compassion, because those aren’t feelings known by our prosecutors. Something stinks.


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6 responses to “What the DSK is going on here?

  1. Inagua

    Some low-level grunt leaked the letter. So what? The letter is now out, and we know that the maid is a serial liar who probably can not establish rape beyond a reasonable doubt. But we know that DSK got a quickie blowjob from a menial a few moments before having lunch with his daughter. What we don’t know, and may never know, is did he force himself on her? Or did he pay her? Or was she instantly and irresistibly attracked to him?

  2. Fred2

    Well, the defense team had two divisions, the legal one, and the (character) assassinate the witness one.

    So I suspect the prosecution was doing it’s homework so that there were no surprises in court, and they discovered to their horror that their sympathetic witness who seems to have at least semblance of truth about her in this topic is going to be a nuclear bomb on the witness stand. She and her circle of a known association is _plenty_ for a defensive legal eagle to cast doubt and aspersions on her character which in “some lying nobody vs. the lying Head of the IMF” will introduce lots & lots of reasonable doubt and result in at best, a draw.

  3. Georgie in Greenwich

    Wow….just as Weiner-gate subsided we get DSK again….

    They (Weiner and Frank) are both hound dogs who prey on the weak, young, ignorant [or all of the above]…and sometimes the weak try to play the game to their advantage….but geez, this is a big boys game and shouldn’t be tried by people with a long rap sheet.

  4. Mr. Independent

    Reminds me of a fraud being being discovered during an audit. A small irregularity is found early on. Then you follow the trail a little further, and a new and more serious one is found. The path finally leads to a multi-million dollar theft.

    My gut—the prosecutors routinely found the first lie early on. That caused them to look a bit deeper. It was likely that the defense team had or would uncover some of the same stuff, as it seems there was a lot to find. In the end, the DA likely did not want any appearance of withholding exculpatory evidence. I wonder if the sudden resignation of the head of the sex-crimes unit is related to this.

    Enjoy the 4th. On this holiday, I always wonder what Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, Hamilton and the rest of those amazing men would think if they were to come back and see the current state of the country.


    Prosecutor Cy Vance (son of former Sec State) has someone whispering in his ear-stay away from this power broker. How else would someone learn so much about the plaintiff? They found all the dirt on that cleaning lady! Literally.

  6. Just_looking

    Timing is odd to me. As soon as a new IMF head is appointed, the case v. DSK is dropped. As if the maid were put put to it, and now ‘they’ are all set with a new head of the IMF, the charges become irrelevant.