Who’s got it better than me?

Ole’s Creek at low tide. Egrets prowling the flats, barn swallows scooping up bugs. A beautiful evening.

UPDATE: And Walt giving me s*** It’s a wondeful world.


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17 responses to “Who’s got it better than me?

  1. Cobra

    Any no-see-ums?

  2. Accolay

    Only the people living on Field Point with grade A waterfront…

  3. Mr. Independent

    The Geese at Greenwich Point! What’s not to like about this Town’s natural beauty?

  4. The mosquitos

    Never build a house near water! Someday you will regret it.

  5. The MuskyToes (as my kids called them when they were little) are horrible horrible here tonight. We couldn’t even have dinner outside. But the gang is all safely in place, the last of the New Yorkers pulled in about a half-hour ago. Plans to Skype son in Germany tomorrow morning when everyone is around to cheer him on. Christopher, thanks for your thoughts. Love to your family as well.

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy long weekend.

  6. Walt

    Dude Man –
    It makes me glad that you have had a happy moment. You deserve it. Being pissy is your specialty, and your only strength, but it is nice to see you can take a step back every once in a while, sniff the pungent odor of Ole’s Creek at low tide, and realize how good you have it. You have done well on a limited, and some would say nonexistent, skill set. That is something to be proud of!! So congrats, my friend.
    July 4th is my favorite holiday. Not only because I get to watch Hotties in skimpy outfits eating hot dogs and licking ice cream cones. You perv. But that doesn’t hurt, I must admit. It is our common birthday. The day we all became Americans!!
    Ben Franklin would not have put his John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence if he didn’t buy in to it. He crafted a magnificent construct of how to build a utopia. And he was great as our first President. Many have followed, none have equaled. 250 years later and where are we? We pissed it all away!!
    Anyhows, as you point out, and as Mama Noel always said, enjoy the moment, because it is fleeting.
    You want to do a bottle rocket fight this weekend? Is the BBQ Sunday or Monday? If you don’t put cut marks on the hot dogs and toast the rolls, you are a low class heathen. And macaroni salad tops potatoe salad. And potatoe salad without mayo is un-American. You cool with these rules? I will bring Steph. You asking Ms. McBeal? Your house or one of your listings? What time? And if you wear your Speedo, go for a hot wax. The brillo look freaks us all out.
    And why back to the new posting format? It really sucks Dude. Trust me on this one.
    Your Pal,

  7. Greenwich Old Timer

    Walt, you are the greatest. Who the hell are you, anyway?

  8. Anonymous

    I’m sitting on my porch overlooking Greenwich Harbor from Belle Haven and pondering the same question you are, CF. I watch the town ferries pass by and feel the passengers’ eyes peeled upon my waterfront mansion with its deepwater dock and sense them wondering what riches lie within and where my money comes from. It’s at once exhilarating and boring. As to who’s got it better, you win hands down my friend.

  9. not so anonymouse

    potato e ? didn’t “they” hang Dan Quail for that?

  10. Anonymous

    Guess we know who Walt is now…. HAPPY HAPPY 4th to all!

  11. TraderVic

    OK I’ll bite. Doesn’t anyone reading this blog understand real estate values? Anon at 10:30pm with the Belle Haven mansion overlooking the harbor — you say you want Chris’ lifestyle? I’m sure I can find it for you if you hand over the keys to your estate. I’ll give you an even swap and pocket the difference. Sometimes trading is just too easy.

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Prozac just kick in?