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Uh, nothing?

“Shriver Schwarzenegger divorce – what’s at stake?”

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Ole’s Creek

So, thanks to (a tragic) incident upstate a few years ago, the Binney Park fireworks are now aimed down our creek, and we get a great, great show (our two cats don’t appreciate it and have fled to the attic, but you can’t please everyone).

Binney has now concluded, so I’ll direct my gaze south and catch the Tod’s Point display. What a cool place to live . Best part? Listening to the squeals of delight of small kids up and down the creek exclaiming at the show. Neat.


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Hope for the Mets?

Federal  judge doesn’t seem impressed with Picard’s theory of Madoff liability for the Wilpons. I’ll concede I’m a legal dummy, but I never thought much of this case. Good – maybe we can keep Reyes now.


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Sponge Tech Bob trying to sell WGCH – good luck, fella

The indicted slimeball owner of WGCH is asking $1.25 million for the radio station he ruined. I’m sure he could use some bucks for his legal defense and commissary expenses later, but a million bucks for “Polka Night Saturday”? Give me an effin’ break.


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This is one hell of a union

The NY Post reports that the DSK maid was assigned by the Hotel Workers Union to work as a prostitute.Interesting job assignment, interesting union.


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So when did this start?

Binney Park is already staked out for the fireworks tonight. There was still room when I drove by at 1, but gee, what happened to strolling down at twilight? Everybody’s booking in advance these days.


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Fishing report

Rick Muskus bringing in dinner

  And smoked and ready for dip: (In fact, it’s so good that Rick and Lou may never see the dip – sorry, guys).


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