Hmm – Hamptons showing signs of distress

Courtesy of Inagua – the uberwealthy seem to be nervous.


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7 responses to “Hmm – Hamptons showing signs of distress

  1. Anonymous

    Hamptons is not Greenwich.

    Here in Greenwich, agents are so busy showing properties even in July! Greenwich is immune.

  2. Anonymous

    wow, there are still those who drink the cool aide as the titanic goes down…..maybe we should rearrange the deck chairs too

  3. “It’s been really surprising,” said Hamptons airport manager Jim Brundige. “We thought it was going to rebound this year.”

    Really surprising??? Ha!

  4. Hey

    you could even say that the drop was “unexpected”! TM Instapundit

  5. they won’t be rearranging the deck chairs this time..
    they’re changing the name of the ship.. to The Lusitania.

  6. Not good for Noel

    Sounds like renting than big house of Noel on Lake Agawon just got cheaper.