A defense of Manhattan’s District Attorney

Perfectly reasonable article – the DA, Cyrus Vance,  took immediate steps to keep the French  SOB  DSK here in the country and yet, when it became apparent that the complainant was a fraud, moved quickly to right the wrong. I don’t disagree at all but I still think there’s something rotten here – the State Department put the screws on the DA to discredit the “victim”, is my guess. Otherwise, this case would have gone on for months and months.  DSK is still a dick, by the way.


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7 responses to “A defense of Manhattan’s District Attorney

  1. Out Looking In

    The REAL issue here us the Frog nation’s refusal to have an extradition treaty with th US. Personally, I really like France and have found many of the locals quite pleasant. However, they will have us save their asses twice in one century, but won’t agree to exchange criminals (or suspects)…hmmm…it’s all French to me

  2. Inagua

    We will probably never know what happened, but the thought that DSK spent several weeks in hell because of the possibility that he refused to pay a hooker maid seems like condign punishment to me.

  3. Just_looking

    Maybe just my tinfoil hat but
    1. New IMFchief
    2. Witness flakes

  4. fred

    I try to withold judgement when all the information is coming from unamed sources.

  5. Inagua

    Fred – Here is a name of the French lawyer who told Reuters that he his filing attempted rape charges against DSK.


    And here is the letter from the Manhattan DA about the maid in case you missed it.


  6. fred

    Thanks Inagua. I stand corrected and had missed Thursday’s letter from the Manhattan DA.
    Strangely, some of the letters ‘disclosed information’ had already been fed to the press by un named sources in the prosecutors office. I wonder if the DA is going to release the info on how the maid knew the exact location of the DSK ejaculate? And how it got there, as the DA hinged their entire early case on that information. Not for nothing but DA’s are famous for using known murderers, liars, and in general, total scumbags to make cases.

  7. Fred2

    “moved quickly to right the wrong” – Which given a bunch of recent high profile cases places him in the honourable minority.

    One hears about far too many cases of prosecutors being, umm, “reluctant” to admit their case is weak to the point of silliness, and still you the full power of the government to harass the defendants, to the Nth degree.

    The process being the punishment.

    Even if as a prosecutor you know in your heart the defendant is a guilty SOB, justice demands you make you case – preferably in an efficient and quick manner. Not use the legal machinations to wear people down and generally hurt them.