Connecticut state workers lose the loving

Even the Democrats are finding it hard to defend them. I suggest that we rid ourselves of the Democrats first and then deal with the unions.


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2 responses to “Connecticut state workers lose the loving

  1. There was an article in the NY Times about a week ago that summed it up well. Gov. Rowland in 1997 signed a twenty (20!) year agreement with the unions where the unions would kick in a dollar, and the state would put in ten. He started the spiral, and then the article went on to say Gov. Rell did nothing, which we all know. Malloy got stuck, and he is trying to address the issue.

    So CF, you should amend your comment to keep all Republicans out, then deal with the unions. We’d be better off with the party of Bush, Rell, and Bachmann on the sidelines.

  2. Yeah but come on, you have to love that picture!