Dang, I wish I had a mortgage!

Banks cutting debt for at-risk borrowers.


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4 responses to “Dang, I wish I had a mortgage!

  1. EPA

    pmi and other mort ins underwriters finally got smart.

  2. Out Looking In

    how about it…i’ve often said i was an idiot fro always putting down 40% and intending to pay off my mortgage on time (or sooner) in full!!! oh option arm aithe 120% LTV Heloc attached, where art thou?

  3. Just_looking

    Is it too late to refi to an OptARM?

  4. Just_looking

    I am telling you right here that the government will be reimbursing the banks on this, front door or back door I do not know but the banks are not in this alone and they will be compensated.