I was going to let this story go past but if it’s good enough for InstaPundit….

Chaos on Christopher Street. I had a good friend, now moved away, who was (and is still, I assume) gay, and we’d occasionally do the Greenwich Village scene – me, the straight nerd, he, the rather more flamboyant one, but we enjoyed the coffee shops and the street theatre. Christopher Street was always a bit rowdy but it sounds like, these days, it’s downright dangerous. How sad.


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2 responses to “I was going to let this story go past but if it’s good enough for InstaPundit….

  1. Anonymous

    Sadly this is old news to neighbors. The western end of Christopher street runs into a pier that has been a hangout for homeless teenagers and gay teens for 20+ years. Drugs are (and have been) pervasive. It becomes especially out of control in the warm summer months. There were multiple reports of “wilding” teens several summers ago.

  2. News observer and trend watcher

    I don’t know if this is a new phenomena or if the media has just begun to pick up on it but I’ve read several stories so far this summer of packs of violent youths committing all manner of mayhem. From FL, SC, DC, NoVa, Chicago, and now NY. They eather swarm/overwhelm businesses and shoplift or commit mayhem or they attack, beat, and steal from innocent pedestrians and train passengers. I’ve no idea if the media has seized on the topic and is overexagerating or if they’ve simply begun to report it.

    Chicago news has been filled with these types of incidents starting with the Memorial Day weekend when newly elected Mayor Emanuel had to close the beaches due to “heat exhaustion”. 😯