I’m hoppin’ mad

Last year we lost Henry, the best cat ever – EVER!- to a flea-treatment poisoning, ADVANTAGE. Yesterday afternoon, against my own advice, his replacement had a flea collar affixed and within just a few hours I found the poor guy literally foaming from the mouth – huge gobs of frothy, bubbling saliva. Not a good sign, I figured, so collar was yanked off and, as of this morning, everything seems okay.

(UPDATE, 1:45 PM: he ate breakfast this morning and as I write this, he’s sleeping at my feet, so all is good)

I assume that the manufacturers of these things don’t intend to poison our pets but even if they kill off just one in a million, if your pet’s that one, it doesn’t really matter what the safety statistics are. I’ll put up with the occasional flea, thank you, and stay off Hartz Mountain.


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  1. aliprowl

    Have you ever actually seen a flea on the cat, or flea evidence? My cats are indoor/outdoor hunting machines, and I’ve seen nary a flea, ever. Therefore, no flea collars. I used to Frontline them regularly, but now am so paranoid about that stuff that I just pull off the occasional tick and forget it. I know that Hartz is the worst of the brands, in terms of cat mortality – internet is rife with tales of woe connected to Hartz products. I have not heard or read too many bad stories about Frontline, but better safe than very, very sorry. I don’t think anything with such powerful chemicals is a great idea to put directly on Puss’s skin. You are exactly right to avoid such things, IMO.

    • I’m pretty sure that it was a Frontline product that killed off Henry. But I’m with you on just avoiding flea treatments completely. I think last night’s scare may have brought that point home.

  2. Welcome to the Pharma-Oil-Military-Lobbyist Complex!

    Toxic treatments like flea collars and flea dips should be banned — just as all those drugs advertised on TV with cheery voices extolling the many awful side effects should be as well. Yeah, right, that’ll be the day.

    In the meantime, try SHAMPOOS WITH NEEP, a cedar-oil extract, that can be found in health-food stores and online, under animal-care products. They work wonders and are not in any way harmful to pets or humans. We use it on our guinea pig and ferrets, all of whom once had mites and other icky parasites.

  3. EPA

    cat ate some of your long island sound bluefish?

  4. LLS2

    re: pharmaceuticals and TV commercials in the USA;

    most of the side effects are worse than the condition they claim to treat.

    mmmm. no thanks, i’d rather be mildly depressed from time to time than be on whatever crap you are selling.

  5. It turns out that foaming at the mouth is a common adverse reaction:


    But don’t worry, the EPA has been looking into this since 2008, so I’m sure action is coming any decade.


  6. Brit

    havn’t used any flea treatment on my cat who is indoor/outdoor since last year (when you lost Henry) – no fleas so far.

  7. pulled up in OG

    All the crap that goes in our food, it’s a wonder more of us ain’t foamin’ at the mouth.

  8. Leatrice fountain


  9. Anonymous

    I’d been wondering about the new kittens. Any chance of seeing pics of the youngsters? 🙂

  10. TraderVic

    Do these comments relate to dogs? We have been putting the Frontline product on our lab’s neck with no seeming adverse reaction. Obviously we want to deter fleas and ticks, but not if it’s going to poison her.

  11. Hibiscus

    Let’s see pics of the new kitties!

  12. TraderVic – I sure as hell don’t want to give you bad advice on this but my great, wonderful Casey the Wonder Dog, a 110 lb Lab (before Pal Nancy put him on a diet and trimmed him to maybe 95 lbs) wore a flea collar forever before dying of old age at 15. I don’t think I’d do that again, just because I don’t trust these bastards, but it seems to me that it’s the lighter-weight cats that get hit with these poisons..

  13. Anonymous

    For over 20 years we have been flea free, and once in a while a tick, with our indoor/outdoor cats. Reason? We add powered brewers yeast to their food. Great natural repellet. Also preening your loved kiity with a flea comb is great therapy and bonding treatment for both species.