Mallard attrition

Here on the creek we get to see our mallards breed (Pal Nancy calls it “twitterpating”, which I think sums it up nicely) and then set forth with their brood a few weeks later. But it’s sad to see the numbers dwindle as the summer goes on – the mamas start with perhaps 5-6 babies but they’re soon down to 1,2 or maybe 3. I don’t know what takes these kids, although one year I rowed out and removed an oyster clamped on the foot (paw? paddle?) of a duckling – an oyster! Who knew?

Whatever, life, and death goes on, and the ducks seem to keep enough of themselves going to keep the water populated. It’s a fascinating thing to observe.


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8 responses to “Mallard attrition

  1. Polluted water maybe?

    The runoff in your pretty creek is festering with long hidden sewer pipes, chemical runoff from industry, and yes dumping by septic tank pumpers. They don’t all go to sewer treatment to dispose of waste and pocket this fee. It even happen in Greenwich. Surprised?

    • Heck when, in 1967, the town put in sewers on the street they looked to connect my grandmother’s septic system. No such thing – like everyone else on the creek, the sewage went straight out. Things have improved – the smell at low tide will tell you that – but sure, there’s still progress to be made.

  2. Cobra

    A few years ago, our backyard pond hosted a mallard family, including five ducklings to start. Over the course of the summer, the number of offspring steadily declined to zero, consumed by Rufus, our resident monster snapper. On two occasions I observed the tail-end duckling disappear under the water after a very short struggle. Such is nature.

  3. Walt

    So Dude –
    When did you become an aficionado of Duck porn? You have given up on the Japanese School Girl stuff you have been addicted to? Web feet and feathers top school girl plaid? To each his own, I guess. When you are watching the mallards do the nasty, do you dress up in a Duck suit to blend in? Do you quack loudly when you spank your bill? I have so many questions and so few answers. If I toss you bread crumbs, will you quack and roll on your back?
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

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    Your Pal,

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Walt – I am DAMN fun…that is why I am married to a financier and living high on the hog, sugar pie!
    Now, tell me who the hell you are. We just might know each other, maybe.

  6. Peter Brunt-Movie Producer

    “Do you quack loudly when you spank your bill?”

    Marvelous, Walt baby. Simply Marvelous.