What’s green and sleeps five?

A town Parks Department truck.

Too good to be buried in the comments, here’s a fresh contribution from Peeps.

SPQNR – I had the same thing happen when I was in college and had a summer job working for a city maintenance department. I took my big Gravely mower and mowed quickly because I wanted to prove I could work as well as the men did. I’d been dropped off at an area and then found I’d have to wait a long time for the truck to come back and pick me up. I called my job from a deli and said they could come get me and drop me somewhere else and all the men got mad at me for having said something. My immediate supervisor told me I had to understand that I only did this job for two months and then I’d be back at school, but these men had to do the jobs all year and it looked bad if I did it too quickly because then they wouldn’t get to rest enough. I was an 18 year-old girl and was accidentally putting these men to shame.


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  1. flyangler

    The Summer of my sophomore college year I worked in a lab for Vicks in Mt. Vernon. The main project was a multi-symptom cold & cough medicine and we had to make a wide range of preparations to check for stability, heat tolerance, etc. (FYI, Vicks Formula 44 was named for the actual formula out of over 100 tested).

    Anyway, while I was a Summer intern, there was a senior lab technician who worked there full time. During the second week he took me aside and warned me not to work so quickly and not ask the bosses for more work because I was making him look bad (read lazy). That was the greatest lesson of that Summer.

  2. fred

    Hey Chris: Did you hear the one about the two bulls???

    -Two bulls are sitting atop a grassy knoll overlooking a herd of cows.

    The young bull says; ‘Hey Pop, lets run down and fuck one of those cows.’

    The old bull says; ‘No son, lets walk down, and then we’ll fuck them all.’

  3. edgewater

    it’s a very old problem. i delivered mail for the post office during the two weeks before christmas, and the route delivery guy caught up to me when i was 3/4 done with my route in 3 hours [his full time job] and he gave me $2 for bus fare and a movie and told me not to come back until 4 p.m. this was in 1960. then, in 1987, my son worked one summer for the greenwich parks department and the three man gardening crew [two workers and a foreman] would drop him off at a rotary or park area and tell him to string trim; they’d then go off and ‘rest’ for an hour before moving my son to the next location.

  4. Chris: Several days ago I gave you my similar story working for the post office during Christmas vacation while in college. So I then graduated with a teaching degree and taught high school for one year. The major conversation of my fellow teachers was usually how many days and years they had left until their early retirements. So I quit, and went to law school (I know, big mistake).

    My first interview was with the Corporation Counsel of New York City, and was advised then about the retirement package and that you didn’t have to work for a full day. I walked out, and later interviewed at what was then called the Workmen’s Compensation Dept. for the State of New York. Same story- early retirement, and you didn’t have to work a full day. (Does anyone working in the private sector ever get told at an interview that they don’t have to work a full day?) So I went into private practice- no pension, no vacation days, no medical insurance, nothing.

    I have a brother-in-law who works for the government and is retiring next year at age 56. He will then be collecting his pension and will be re-hired for the same job, in what they call “retire and rehire”. He complains on how little he is being paid compared to the private sector, yet had his son get a government job last year. Nobody ever quits their government job. It reminds me of what Peggy Noonan wrote many years ago in The Wall Street Journal, that “government jobs are welfare for the middle class”.

    As for me, I await the bankruptcy of all government entities to put an end to this.

  5. enjoy!

    the middle class is stupid and the pols know it. in fact they count on it!

    answer me this: who does the new taxes that just went into effect on friday in ct hurt the most? exactly, the very same people that voted for dems