Where’s Rene Anselmo when we need him?

The Junior League and the town are teaming up to get a new pool in Byram – sounds like an excellent idea to me. It’s awfully easy to tease the Junior League – I certainly succumb to the temptation all the time – but these are good people, doing good things for our town. But heck, if Rene were still around, he’d just cut a check and the pool would be done.


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14 responses to “Where’s Rene Anselmo when we need him?

  1. Riverside

    The Junior League does a great job and I am sure this will be a successful project.

    Did you see the terrific job that the Greenwich Point Conservancy did on the beach-front Cottage down at Greenwich Point? It’s just spectacular.

    • We are so blessed with volunteers, Riverside. What I especially appreciate about the Junior League is their emphasis on the side of Greenwich non-residents know nothing about. A new beachside cottage (and it’s beautiful and hugely appreciated by this resident) gets the attention but the JL quietly supports kid shelters, pools for Byram, you name it – they do great work, without much recognition and I, for one,vow to stop making fun of them. Well, for the most part : ).Great women.

  2. Patrick

    They also did Bruce park playground… Nice improvement to the community.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    You better believe it! Many of the signature programs in this town got their start at the JLG.

  4. towny

    Chris: Do you have the junior league mailing address? I’m sure a reader or two may want to contribute funds as well.

  5. OG Comments

    Here is the web page for contributions and the mailing address is at the bottom. I think the idea of a “real” town pool is long overdue in this town.

  6. Anonymous

    Could get the Jr League to help get us some real baseball fields? Kids are getting tired of playing on dirt.

    • My guess, Anon, is if you get these women’s attention, they can do any damn thing you’d like. Put together a proposal and present it. I’m a former little league player and, later, father/coach so you’ve got all my best wishes. And really – these ladies can work miracles – go for it.

  7. TraderVic

    When Lin Lavery was trying to get this pool idea through (several years ago), there was a concern that out of towners would be able to access the pool (similar to all our other beaches). People questioned, why spend our money to build a pool for all of Port Chester? The Byram contingent said they preferred a dumpy quaint pool that only attracted locals to a spiffy new one that would be overrun.

    I wonder if this “access” issue has been addressed. If not, do the Byram people really want it?

  8. Cos Cob & Proud

    Whatt’s going on with the decrepit OGRCC?

    • Good question, CC – I was involved with it maybe 25 years ago and it was a pretty much going concern (although it even then wasn’t as strong as it had been when I was a kid). These days? Don’t know – never hear a peep from them.

  9. Sound Beacher

    Here is the link to OGRCC, I think they’ve reached the fund raising goal for putting a new roof on the leaking one in that old Electrolux Building, fyi.

  10. Cos Cob & Proud

    Good grIef – OGRCC needs complete refurbishing, not just a new roof. What’s up with Riverside and OG residents – being non-fringers and all…I would think there’d be a Rene amongst y’all, who would then, of course, ask for and get naming rights.

    The Western Greenwich Civic Center got a total makeover and it’s wonderful.

    I can tell you one thing: if Cos Cob ever had a civic center, we proud fringers would NEVER ever let ours fall into such disrepair. We have waaaay too much community spirit for that to happen!! ;~)

    • The place is a sorry wreck, that’s for sure. Anyone remember what Electrolux used to charge us for bowling there? I recall it as 35 cents a game, but it might have been less.