Wow, really?

This news story says that literally billions of dollars of treasure have been found in an Indian temple. Pretty cool, if true. I don’t know if you were ever a ten-year-old but these were the sort of tales that fired up young boys’ (and girls’, for all I know) imaginations.


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4 responses to “Wow, really?

  1. bc

    do you sleep?

  2. AFW

    I wonder if all the new security means nobody can worship there anymore? Reminds me of Antiques Roadshow when a person brings in an object they or their family enjoyed and find out it is worth more than their house. You can see it on their faces as it goes from painting or sculpture or vase to asset.

  3. Founding Father

    Open Sesame.

  4. networthdeclining

    sounds like a little property value inflation, eh?