Breaking news from May 10th

Regis Philbin drops price on his unsold Meeting House Road home. I’m not saying that Greenwich Time has to read this blog, but if they did, they could avoid printing old, stale news. But then, what would they print?


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5 responses to “Breaking news from May 10th

  1. Architectural Digest

    Joy got her house interior designer work in the magazine years ago. Hope the realtor uses it in her publicity for the house. Regis should just promote it himself on TV the old fool. He said Bedford is Deadford so he came to back country Greenwich like Kathy Lee.

    • I don’t know from Regis, or interior design, but if the leopard skin powder room is typical of what passes for “design” then maybe someone should tear this house down and start again.

  2. Anonymous

    Unrelated but I thought this story linked to from the Regis article was interesting.

    Lovely old photos by Lewis Hine who also photographed child laborers in the area where my family is from.

  3. Sound Beacher

    You all know Kathie Lee & Frank live on the water in Riverside. They used to live in backcountry years ago, fyi, architectural digest.

  4. ff

    Regis is hampered by the misplaced, overgrown monstrosity that is the unfinished home of Greenwich legend Jimmy Licata. I think Regis will put us on his show for a full hour if we could straighten out that literal and figurative mess at 28 Meeting House. Up for a challenge?